September 1999
Wonders of Wood Show - Final Notice
This is it.  The big show is at hand.  If you don't have that best of show item completed by now, you better get to work.  The 17th is the day for item registration.  We normally have general setup on Thursday beginning as soon as possible after 8 PM.  This depends on the status of the Art Center activity.  Many hands make light work, so if you can help, it would be appreciated.  The big day is Friday.  Individual tables can be set up any time during the day.  Items for judging will be accepted starting at 12 and continuing until 7 for the working folks.  Make it as early as you can so the judges can get started.  It is a long process and we don't want to keep them awake any longer than necessary.

We still need items for the club raffle.  Not many people have signed up so far.  Let Dee know at the meeting Wednesday.  This is the way we finance our show and keep the admission price at its current low rate. (FREE) 

The chain saw carver has agreed to be there again this year.  Saturday for sure and maybe Sunday.  He is very interesting and a real crowd pleaser.  The big attraction, Bill Edward's carousel, will be there again this year.  Bill always has a group watching his carousel and admiring the detail he incorporates into the carvings.  He has added new animals, people and other "things".  It is always an interesting display.  He takes his carousel all around the country and it is on display as I type. 

I hope you have your prize winning creations ready.  The place really smells of paint thinner when everyone finishes up their entries Friday morning.  The judges hate to get paint on their hands and they take off points. 

Area Woodcarving Classes

Classes in woodcarving and woodburning are being offered again this year at the St. Charles West High School.  Woodcarving and Woodburning are being combined as Class number AV182-10.  Don Wilson, Dave Lincoln and Barb Smith will be the instructors.  They are excellent instructors and have taught many classes at several locations in the area.  They offer hands-on instruction at any level you require in woodcarving and/or woodburning.  The first class will begin on Thursday, September 9th, from 7 to 9 PM.  It costs $60 for 12 weeks.  Anyone interested can register through St. Charles Adult Education, (636) 947-0822.

Rockler, The Woodworkers' Store on the Rock Road in Bridgeton,  is offering a class in woodburning Saturday, October 30.  The class will be conducted by Barb Smith and the project will be a light house scene.  For information on the time and cost, see Barb at the next meeting, or contact Rockler. 

Woodcraft, in the Dierberg Center on Olive West of I-270, is offering a class in woodburning Saturday, November 13.  The class will be conducted by Barb Smith.  The project will be a Santa Plate.  For information on the time and cost, see Barb at the next meeting, or contact Woodcraft.

These are excellent values for the quality of instruction you will receive.  You can see examples of works by Barb, Don and Dave on our web site,, at club meetings, and of course at the Wonders of Wood Show.

Gerald Sears Seminar
Gerald Sears and his wife Barbara ventured to the St. Louis area to conduct a 3 day seminar for 10 of our enthusiastic members who were ready to devote a whole weekend to developing their carving skills. 

Gerald has been carving for about 30 years.  He has been teaching at the 'Rendezvous' since 1987 and does mostly caricatures.  Barbara does the painting. They are really nice people and make the seminar very entertaining as well as instructive.  A definite plus for a long weekend of hard work. 

The rough outs for Gerald's caricatures are very detailed and are reasonably priced.  Anyone interested in doing one of his pieces would do well to get the rough out.  The hardest part of the seminar was choosing which of the interesting projects to start first. 

Left to right: Charles Sapp, Doug and Rainy Woollard, Charles Adams, Gerald and Barbara Sears, Arnold and Joyce Fritz, Dorothy Clark, Larry Keller, and Billy Lee. 

Upcoming Events and Activities
September 1 Regular monthly business meeting.
September 15 Monthly project meeting.  Doug Woollard will do a Santa figure.
September 17 Individual table setup all day.  Items for judging 12 to 7 PM.
September 18-19 St. Charles Area Woodcarvers 10th annual Wonders of Wood Show.
September 24-26 Our Cuivre River Fall Campout
October 7-10 Litchfield Campout (Contact Bob Biermann 314-843-6244)
October 9 & 23 Saturday carving.  Open - No planned projects to date.
November 6-7 Belleville Holzschnitzers 29th annual Woodcarvers Show.
November 27-28 St. Louis Area Woodcarvers 9th Annual Woodcarving Show.

September Display Case
Stan "Red" Cross

I retired from General Motors in 1986 and started carving a few months after that.  I carve mostly in the round, but have tried relief and chip carving.   I learned what little I know from fellow carvers, classes, seminars and trial and error.

I took up woodburning to go along with my carving, and taught woodburning at the Cultural Arts Center for two years.  A woodburning seminar presented by Cheryl Dow was a great help. 

I am a member of St. Charles Area Woodcarvers, Mid America Woodcarvers, Holzschnitzers Carving Club of Belleville, and The National Woodcarvers Association. 

At 75, I am looking forward to many more years of carving.  I'd recommend the hobby to anyone.  Talent helps, but is not necessary.  I am living proof of that.  Persistence pays off!

1999 Display Case Schedule
October - Wonders of Wood Show Winners
November - Ray Clark
December - Barb Smith
2000 Display Schedule
Sign up now if you are interested 
in displaying your art in 2000. 
See Red Cross or John Bouchillon
to get scheduled.

Saturday carving!

Saturday carving has been a fun activity for our members for the last two years and is back year round by popular demand.  We were able to schedule 3 Saturdays for the remainder of 1999,  October 9th, October 23rd, and November 13th.  December wasn't considered because it is always so busy.  The sessions will start as open carving, but specific projects will be planned if the participating members want to do so.  It will also be open to visitors.  Anyone interested in learning, teaching, or just experiencing the fun of carving can participate.  Saturday's are great  for camaraderie and improving your carving skills.  You can't stay in the same room with our talented gang and not learn something.

Fall Campouts

Just a reminder to the campout folks.  The last Campouts for 1999 are coming up.  The dates for Litchfield are October 7-10.  If you would like to join in on the fun for the weekend or just Saturday, give Bob Biermann a call, (314) 843-6244, so he can make reservations for you.  Bob and Barb Smith are working on a project for Saturday, but it might be a good idea  to bring something to work on just in case it doesn't work out for you.  There will be the usual pot luck supper Saturday night.  When the bellies get full and the campfire gets going, they kick back, relax and catch up on everyone's Summer activities.  Our Cuivre River campout is September 24-26.  Information will be available at the September meetings.
The Doane Experience
By Barb Smith

Saturday July 24, we left St. Louis Area with 11 people in our convey:  Red & Charlotte Cross, Joyce & Arnold Fritz, Sue & Don Jackson, Jean & Larry Keller, Rainy & Doug Woollard and myself. We arrived in St. Joseph, Mo. at our motel around 1 p.m. Even though I made the reservations two months prior to departing, and confirmed them by phone the Thursday before, they still didn't have them. Fortunately, they were able to accommodate all of us. After some investigation I was able to find out what happened. It seems the reservation was made for the year 2000.  I guess you could say that this is one of the first Y2K bugs to surface.

Meet 'n Eat Club

 After getting settled in our rooms, we all decided to go site seeing. We went to a neat little town, Weston, MO, and visited the winery and other shops on Main Street.  It would have been nicer if it hadn't been so hot. Our "Meet 'n Eat" club ended up at Red Lobster for the evening meal.
 We arrived in Crete, Nebraska and got settled in our dorm rooms. Dee and Don Kley were there to meet us. I'm not sure when George Schuey arrived, but we had a total of 14 representing our club. 

We went to check out where our classroom would be and  leave carving tools so we would be ready to start. After our evening meal, we all met in the auditorium for the welcome address.  There were 305 in attendance and 27 states represented. We had a wonderful turn out.  There were approximately 30 instructors this year.  Kit Curtis, Bob Travis and Sheila Hunter, to name a few.

Doane offers projects to interest everyone. You don't have to be a carver.  Don Kley took basket weaving and Jean Keller took several mini classes which included making a ribbon brooch and a wall hanging.  Painting classes were also available.

Thursday evening after supper, we met in the auditorium  for the final ceremony. Throughout the week, we purchased raffle tickets for gifts donated by the vendors and instructors.  Three grand prizes were:  A carving by Kirt Curtis with as estimated value of $1600;  A sharpening outfit from John & Nancy Burke; and one year free tuition from Doane. 

Rainy Woollard 

Larry & Jean Keller
Red & Charlotte Cross won a carving knife and a carving book. Red needs more knives.  Joyce and Arnold Fritz won a Santa carving and kit. I won a $25.00 gift certificate donated by Len Dillon. It helped me pay for items I had already purchased. Saturday morning, we left for home. Our last stop was the Whitman discount candy store in St. Joe to stock up on their wonderful candy for the coming year.  We had an excellent time, and the food was outstanding again this year.

Larry Keller's Elk

Jean Keller's broach

Don Kley's baskets

Barb Smith (top) and Charlotte Cross chipped.

Festival of the Little Hills
"We don't want to sell anything" was the battle cry at the festival.  It was hard to convince the spectators that we were only there to promote the art of woodcarving.  Most of the other 400+ booths were hawking everything from kettle corn and broken china jewelry to some pretty sophisticated crafts and woodcarvings. 

A visitor admiring our stuff.
     But insist we did, amid the offers to buy everything on display in our booth.  Mr. Sparks Cletis, one of our better known members, assured them that "We're just sitting here, talking to people about carving, getting them interested in it."

     The Festival is one way that our club accomplishes its objective to promote the art of woodcarving.  We usually get new members and have already had one family visit the Seasoned Eye group.  Many took the handouts promoting the club and some will attend the Wonders of Wood Show.  Thanks to those who manned the booth and to Lulu Perkov who took on the task of circulating the schedule to get "volunteers".  Each year, it seems more difficult to get the help required to carry on club activities.  It was only through Lulu's ceaseless effort at club meetings, and several members who were willing to pull a double shift to fill in the holes, that we were successful.

     It has been suggested that we circulate the sign-up sheet for volunteers for next year in the form of a ballot.  That is, when we vote on participating in the festival, only volunteers can submit a "yes" vote.  All non participants will, by default, submit a "no" vote.  I can see some merit to this approach.  Any comments?


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