September 2002

Get Ready – Time for the Wonders of Wood Show

Table sales are going well. We have 27 tables so far, about the same as last year.  Jim Leifeld is working on table layout and will have information available at the next meeting. Forms and ribbons have been ordered.

The 50/50 tickets are ready and waiting to be sold. Pick up yours and grab a bunch to sell to your friends. The raffle boxes are waiting for items to raffle. We need more Raffle prizes.  Please donate what you can. We have received a generous donation from Len Dillon.  Arbortech has also donated some.  Mountain Woodcarvers from Estes Park also sent along a prize as well as show catalogs for distribution to participants and attendees.  We can use as many more as  we can get. 

The greeting committee is set up for half hour increments with two people at a time.  We still have lots of vacant slots on the schedule to fill.  See or call Martha Byron to sign up. 

Rich Weitzman is working on a wood vendor to replace Slim Maroushek, who was selling wood at the show last year.  Slim had something come up that prevented him from making it this year.   If you have any ideas on who might supply wood, contact Rich. Charles Browning has volunteered to do some carving in the parking lot to attract attention.  I don't know if it will be mallet or chainsaw.  Should be interesting.  

Most of the advertising functions are covered. We have new 11x17" red signs to put out in addition to the smaller 8.5x11" signs, small sheet flyers and tri fold handouts. Grab some at the September 4th meeting and put them where they will do some good.  Be careful of local ordinances on signs, however.  We also have a neat new sign in the entry of the Art Center that will advertise the show all month.  Take a look.  Dudley Jackson and I will be handling the video and picture taking for the show.  If everyone will spread the word to friends and family, we should be in good shape.  We still need someone who could get time on local radio and TV.  That's a hard job if you are up for a challenge. We will need help hanging signs Friday and placing our standing signs Saturday morning before the show starts.  I will have show programs ready for folding at the September 18th meeting if I get the information in time.  The folders at our meetings have been doing a wonderful job.  Thanks.  I will not be able to attend the September 4th meeting, so see Charles Sapp if you can handle any of these jobs.  

We are on our way. If you still haven't signed up for a table, do so as soon as possible. Hopefully, we will have the Art Center filled with our work.  

Show Schedule:

Art Center Setup: We can't setup Thursday night this year, so we will have to arrange tables Friday morning.

Individual table setup:  Bring in your carvings for judging and setup your tables starting as soon as possible after the tables are arranged.  Cutoff on entries for judging will be 7:00. 

Judging:  Judging will start at 7:00 so all entries must be in before 7:00. 

The show will start at 9:00 Saturday and Sunday and go until 5:00.

Additional information and last minute changes will be available at the meetings on the 4th and 18th. Good luck and keep up the good work.


September Display Case - Russ Sears

Interest: Woodworking, building furniture, and making all sorts of tools to make his job easier. Russ spends a lot of time in his well equipped workshop building toys for grandchildren and furniture for his wife. 

Training: Self taught by trial and error. 

Affiliations: St Charles Area Woodcarvers.

Awards: Numerous ribbons including Best of Show in Wonders of Wood Shows.

Background: Tool and Die maker. Started in wood at retirement over 16 years ago. His tool and die training makes tool building second nature.

Thoughts: Retirement - Everything must be done on your own time. 


Show and Tell

Jack Combs has ventured into a new field. Looks like he made the transition with flying colors. This saloon scene has to be seen to be appreciated.  I'm sure we'll all be seeing it again this month.

Billy Lee has also branched out from his tool sharpener business with this knife carrying Indian. He does have another sharpener ready, however.

My effort at Doane this year was only half of Marty Dolphins class in human masks. We had to do this fireman and a policeman in the 5 days. We will have to wait to see what the policeman looks like. 

Tom Henke, on the other hand, completed this antler carving and the two antler “buttons” below.


Diana Jow took a class in Wisconsin and completed the Owl and Wolf. (Right) Kevin, her son, also took the class and did the Eagle. (Below) They are some of our newest carvers and are doing some very nice work. However, they told us that they will be leaving the area and that this would be their last month. Sorry to see you leave and wish you the best in your new location. Keep those chips flying.




Dee Kley carved a Dolphin.  She was a little concerned about the shape of the tale.  But then, she is somewhat of a perfectionist. 



In addition to the antler carvings That Tom Henke had, he also showed a snowman. It was sawed out of a board, carved and painted, then inserted back into the board. Interesting technique.

Sorry I was not able to make the August 7th meeting.  Seems like the whole Doane group brought in their works.  Charlotte and Stan Cross as well as Arnold and Joyce Fritz took the Bishop Caricature class.  Charlotte had a very contrary mule.  Stan had the cowboy that must have been thrown from him.  Arnold had a fisherman with rod and a net.  Joyce did a spring bear.  Don Kley had three of his beautiful baskets from Buck Reinecker's basket class, and Dee had her Indian portrait done in Larry Nowell's class.  Non-Doane Show and Tellers included Russ Sears with a walnut candy bowl and Bob Craven with an alligator. I think Show and tell is an important part of our club meetings and regret not being able to give everyone the coverage they deserve.    John.

The Rest of the News

The Festival of the Little Hills is over for another year. It was received better this year and the location improved, although it wasn't up to the level of our old slot on Main Street.  

The two biggest complaints was that we didn't have anything to sell to the buying public and that club support for manning the booth was spotty. Some had to pull pretty long shifts to keep the booth staffed. Talk about continuing next year will probably include clear-cut guidelines and a filled list of volunteers for all three days, prior to signing up to participate. 

We did, however, solve one of our problems regarding storage of the club equipment. We will be renting a storage locker to store the tent and other equipment. It should clear a little room in the supply cabinet, also.  It will be local and readily available when needed for the Festival or any other activity we are involved in.

Charles Sapp and Dave Lincoln appear to be having way too much fun at our Festival of the Little Hills booth.  I think they know something they aren't telling.  Maybe you should sign up next year and see what you are missing.

Tom Henke conducted an interesting carving project at the August 15th meeting. He showed the group how to carve an alligator and/or snake head to cover an office staple remover. Sorry I didn't get some pictures for the rest of you to see. It was pretty cute and should solve the staple remover theft problem that has been running rampant in the club.

Newsletter Editor Position Open: Only three more issues remaining to help any prospective newsletter editor. If you are interested in taking on this rewarding position, step up now. I will be available (if needed) to work with you October through December. Hopefully, we can continue with this important part of our club's service to its members.

Showcase Chairman: We still need a showcase chairman to schedule monthly displays in the showcase that the Art Center provides the club. All we need is someone to make sure the showcase is filled each month. A new Showcase Chairman is needed before November to maintain continuity.

The St. Charles County Arts Council needs help at the Mosaics Information Booth at Missouri's Festival of the Arts on September 13, 14 and 15. We need someone to tell the attendees about our group and pass out literature on the Wonders of Wood Show. To volunteer, call (636)-949-7475. Also, if anyone has a small piece of original art they would like to donate to Art for Youth, they would appreciate the donation. Call (573)-882-3653.

Fall Campout: The Belleville campout is coming around real quick. Most of the campers will be there October 3rd to the 6th. The Saturday woodburning class with Barb Smith was cancelled, but we still plan to have a small project. I think we will have some ornaments, or you can bring your own projects. If you plan on coming Saturday to carve, I would like to know by September 18th so we can get the project together. I will also have to let the campground know how many are camping so they reserve enough campsites for us. Hope to see you there. Bob and Ro Biermann

[Editor note:  Our Ft. Zumwalt Park Carveout has been canceled.  If you are interested in this type of activity, feel free to join in with the Belleville group.  Hopefully, we will be able to get our group going again.  If any one would like to take on the job of organizing one, feel free to do so.]

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