September 2000

Prez Seys

   On behalf of the club, I wish to thank Chairperson Charlotte Cross and everyone who participated in our exhibit for the Festival of the Little Hills!  As always all the work turned out a successful exhibit.
   Also on behalf of the club I would like to thank Doug & Rainy Woollard for all their work to bring John Englerís relief carving seminar to our club on August 25th, 26th, 27th.
   Just a reminder that our annual Wonders of Wood Show will take place on September 16th & 17th.  Setup will be on Friday the 15th.  Please help advertise this event.  Pass the word!  Contact Dee Kley and offer your help, this show takes a lot of work and a lot of time to plan.
   Some thoughts on the annual carving seminar, hosted by the Mid-America Carving Club of Omaha, Nebraska.  This seminar is held at Doane College in Crete, Nebraska.  To be eligible to attend you must have your $10.00 membership fee paid by January 2001.  This seminar is one week long.  For a very reasonable fee, you are furnished with room and board and instructors in various kinds of carving, burning and other projects.  This is the 24th year for this event.  It is a lot of fun.  The following club members attended this year: Red & Charlotte Cross, Arnold & Joyce Fritz, Tom & Linda Henke, Larry & Jean Keller, Don & Dee Kley, George Schuey, Barb Smith (Also was a wood burning instructor), Doug and Rainy Woollard and Sue and I.  If you would like more information about this, contact one of the above people.
   Our hopes for a quick recovery go out to Chong Kim and Doug Woollard.  Regards, Don Jackson.


This and That

Thank you note:  - Thanks so very much for the beautiful flower arrangement sent to me while in the hospital.  Flowers can always cheer me up, and the nurses always looked cheerful and commented on how pretty.  Thirteen days in a hospital is a long time to spend.  It is good to be home and have the worst behind me. Thanks again, Len Dillon

For Sale: The following items are being offered for sale by Bill Edwards who will be leaving the area by the end of this month.  Offers will be entertained.  Call Bill (636) 949-9221 to see at 1650 Wild Goose Run, St. Charles.
 - Leather tools (Stamps, books, craft  aids, work desk, air compressor and air brush.)  Too much to list.
 - Craftsman 8" Grinder (Stand, tool holder, drill sharpener, wire wheel, and wheel dressers) - $75, like new
 - Craftsman 6" joiner-planer with stand.  Like new. $175


Face Carving

Charles Adams got the group together at the August meeting and assembled holders to be used in the upcoming seminar on face carving.  This will be a multi-night class.  Holders and wood will be furnished to participants at the next carving meeting. Additional information will be available at the September meeting.



Interest:  All kinds of carving - From spoons to abstracts to Celtic to chip carving.
Training:  Classes with Cletus Starks, Dave Lincoln, Don Wilson and Walt Schmierbach.  Seminar with Stu Martin.  Helpful tips from most club members.
Affiliations:  St. Charles Area Woodcarvers.
Awards: Wonders of Wood judges have been generous with ribbons. Best of Show 1999, Intermediate.
Background:  Irish born engineer.  Woodworking has been in the genes for at least four generations -- professional or amateur.
Thoughts:  The wood carving aspect of our group is surpassed only by the people.


The Doane Experience Group

Photo by Rainy Woollard - Story by Sue Jackson

We had a great trip. It was relaxing and fun . Don and I, Red and Charlotte and Barb Smith all took wood burning with Orchid Davis. She was a very good teacher. Don, Barb, Rainy, Dee and I also took a night class with John Davis to make flutes.  John is a lot of fun.  We had a wonderful time making our flutes. We made music all night long. Going to Doane College is a treat.  You meet people from many different carving clubs.  The accommodations are great and the food is outstanding. Over all it is a wonderful trip. Barb Smith also taught a one-day wood burning course and a night course on wood burning an ornament for Christmas.


Cuivre River Fall Campout 

The fall campout is upon us again, September 29-30.  Mark your calendar.  A count of campers will be taken at the September meeting to get the number of camping spots we will need reserved.  Saturday participants will have to be counted also.  Charles Adams is in charge of the project this time, and he will need to know how many items to bring for us to work on.  Project information will be discussed at the meeting.  If you are going to miss the meetings, contact Charles for information.  Hopefully, it will be a little cooler by the end of September.  Don't forget the Saturday supper.  Every body brings a dish and nobody leaves hungry.  It's a real neat time.  Last spring, we had Billy Lee and his friend Phil Peters playing for the evening festivities.  Put on your thinking caps and lets see if we can figure out how to get them back this time.


Show and Tell

There was a lot of great projects at the August meetings.  The great works from Doane predominated, but others brought in some great things also.  All the wood burnings were done in Orchid Davis's class.  

Barb Smith had a cool owl plate ...

...and a hummingbird oil lamp.

Charlotte Cross was busy with lots of wood burning
and even a horse head cane topper.

She and Red also burned some interesting critters.

Red Cross did a fish and bird box.

Sue Jackson burned an adorable kitty.  

Tom Henke did a great tiger in Linda Curtis's class.  It even had realistic ice cycles. 

Don Jackson was also busy burning.  Good job Don.  

Dee Kley and Larry Keller got into the bird business in Steve Schumacher's class.  (Left) Dee's birds were mounted on a Manzaneta root.  (Above) Larry's were on a limb and were feeding.  I think that is a mating activity.  You might know Larry would get into that aspect.  

The flutes were done in a one night class with John Davis.  Very Interesting.  And, they blew.  The Fritzes got into the Santa business at Doane.  Don Kley did a deep relief leaf man in Danny Reichert's class.  It was supposed to be painted green, but Don preferred his natural. 

Jerry Burson didn't make it to Doane, 
but he finished a great rose plaque.  Russ Sears made a pelican puzzle for the grandkids and a great wood turning.  

Tom Henke completed these items.  The ram was carved out of scrap from an antler carving class at Doane.  The turtle was done at the Litchfield campout.  I can't figure out where he might have done that pig.  


The Wagonmaster - Bob Biermann

The fall campout is just around the corner. This year is sure going fast. The spring campout was great as far as weather and attendance. I hope this fall will be the same.  I think I have Barb Smith talked into giving a class on relief carving and some burning. Barb really does a great job with her relief carving and burning and if it's the same project she showed me, it will really be a good one. With Barb giving the fall class this year, I get to take it easy and dish out some of the trouble you guys and gals and Barb give me at the campouts. It's going to be fun.  Last spring Barb Cunningham, Maxine File and Sharon Hagus played the mountain dulcimer in the evening and I hope we can get them to come back this fall.  If you would like to attend and carve with us and have a great potluck dinner Saturday night, you will have to give me a call so I can reserve a campsite and also have enough wood for the project.  The fall campout is set for October 5 thru 8. Give me a call for if you want to attend so I can make reservations.  Bob Biermann - 314-843-6244


Wood carving and burning classes beginning this month!

There are two Woodcarving classes being offered through the St. Charles School district.  Wood Carving I & II will be held Thursday nights from 7 to 9 PM. If you need some tweaking in your carving, take a look.  They are taught by Dave Lincoln and Charles Adams.  This class uses a hands-on approach and will offer the newcomer training in the three basic types of wood carving.  A continuation of this session is being offered at the same time to students who have completed the first session and/or want to further expand their skills.  Guest instructors will demonstrate at several sessions.  Sign up early - Class size will be limited. Tuition: $60  Cost of tools and project supplies is an additional $75 over 12 weeks 9/7 through 11/30 - No class on 11/23.

There are two Woodburning classes being offered at the Cultural Arts Center.  Beginning and Intermediate Wood Burning will be held Wednesday nights 6:30 to 9 PM.  They will be held in the same room as our regular meeting on alternating Wednesday nights  The dates are September 13 and 27, October 11 and 25, and November 8 and 29.  This hands-on class is designed for the beginner or intermediate wood burner and is taught by Barbara Smith.  Tuition is $60 for the six weeks.  Supplies are extra.  Classes will require a professional regulated wood burner.  The instructor will have wood burners for purchase for $110.  This includes a small round heel skew and a small bent v-nosed shader.


Engler Seminar

The carving seminar with John Engler was a great success last month.  John brought a wonderful variety of projects for 11 of our members to work on.  They ranged from cougars and wolves to barns, stores and water mills.  Anything you can imagine, John can capture in wood.  You can expect to see some wonderful Show and Tell items from this bunch in the future.  John is a great teacher with a wealth of experience in architecture, animals and all matter of things in nature.  A really fun session.  This would be a great seminar to make an annual event.  Here, John demonstrates his method of adding texture to Charlotte Cross and Joyce Fritz.


Wonders of Wood Show -- September 16 and 17

The 11th Annual Wonders of Wood Show begins Friday, September 15th with check in.  Exhibits must be at the show site between 12 Noon and 7 PM.  They must remain until closing of the show on Sunday at 5 PM.  Entries for competition are to be in the judging rooms as soon as possible during the set-up time.  Any entry brought to the judging room after the judging begins will not be judged.  Set up of the Cultural Arts Center is normally done Thursday night.  Information on when set-up will start and how many helpers are needed will be available at the meeting.  There is a lot of table moving and arranging to be done and many hands make light work.  Assistance is also needed for check-in on Friday afternoon to collect, register exhibits, and tend the judging room.


Last But Not Least

Congratulations go to Barb Smith for being the newest certified instructor in our club.  She was certified and taught two classes in wood burning at Doane this year.  We now have our own resident woodburning instructor.  She is offering a six week class to be given at the Cultural Arts Center beginning this month.  For information on the class, see the notice above.  In addition, she will be giving the Saturday carving project this month on the 23rd.

Carving tip: Burnishing  - You can take a piece of scrap walnut wood and mount it on 1/8" shafts and use them like you would your favorite stones.  You will be astonished at the affect the walnut burnisher will have on your carvings.  Make a size and shape to suit your need and you will be able to burnish out scratches in tight areas that your other stones left. The walnut burnisher will save a lot of sanding in small areas on your carvings.  It will also close the pours of the wood and give a polished look.  Just be careful not to run at real high speed because the walnut will burn the carving if it is run too fast.


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