Do Dats

I found these delightful little Santa Do Dats at the Play-Mor Campground, 2162 U.S. 6 East - Bremen, IN 46506, Email:, Phone:  574-546-3665.  They were conceived by the owner-operator Rod Beamish.  Rod is an avid carver, teacher, and Campground Manager.  He loves to spread carving to anyone wanting to give it a try.  I attended the annual Carving Campout at Play-More this year and hope to get back up there again.  Rod told me, "Have fun with these carvings.  You can call them whatever, but I refer to them as “DO DATs”.  I was carving one and had some on display and someone questioned the title. I told them that a lady once asked me, “Did you DO DAT?”  (She probably said “do that” but I heard it differently!”

These ornaments can all be made from the same cutout pattern and sized up or down to taste.  It's cut from a full 1" thick basswood board to allow twisting side to side, although the finished board size of 7/8" can be used.  Here is the pattern for the cutout.  It can be cut with a little top hat or a straight top for just a ball.  The cutout pattern is provided in picture format here for you to download and print to any size you want.  A PDF format pattern sheet is also available.  Right chick here to download. Then click "Save link as" to tell the computer where to save the PDF.  Some of the many faces that Rod has carved are shown.  It can also be excellent practice for you to develop your own faces.  Simply round and shape the hat and beard areas.  Then carve the face of your choice, or own design, on the area left for the nose. 

Cutout pattern

Patterns and cutout picture