Dry Weather Pumpkin Pins

These delightful little creatures were the subject of an elective night class at the 2001 Doane Experience taught by Larry Baldridge.  They are easy to carve and provide excellent practice in developing and varying facial expressions.  They are also a good project for scrap and small pieces of wood.  Just print this page at the size you want to work on, mark the outline and saw out the blank.  You can use any size from one quarter inch up.  Drill a hole for the mouth on the ones that are singing.  After you get a few under your belt, just have fun and play with expressions of your own.  Add a little pin to the rear and use them for name tags or any other clothing addition you may want to use.


Dry Weather Pumpkins
in the round.

These pumpkins are carved out of 2x2" basswood.  Carve the nose on one corner and round off the other 3 corners to taste. 

They may also be relief carved out of half inch or thicker basswood and used as additional patterns for pins or name tags.

Side view --->