Drawing Santa On Egg

Divide egg for Drawing Pattern

Draw pattern so the nose is on the end grain of egg.  This will
help prevent chipping and splintering of nose, cheeks , lips, etc.

Drawing #1

1.  Draw center line from top to bottom on front and back. (Line A-B)
2.  Divide egg into quarters (C= 1/2, D & E = 1/4)

Drawing #2

3.  On back of egg, mark center point (F)

Drawings #3 & #4

4.  Point "D" on the front view centerline is the location of the bottom of
the cap.  Point "F" on the back locates the bottom of the cap on the back.
Draw a circle around the egg locating the bottom of the cap.  Because of
the tassel the cap will lean to the right as shown, or you can make it lean
to the left side of the head if you prefer by reversing the angle.

5.  Draw guidelines for the cap.  Be sure to make the brim wide enough - it is
hard to make the brim too wide, but a mistake to make it too narrow.  Draw
in the tassel as shown in figure #3 and erase the lines where the cap
overlaps the brim.

6.  Draw in the facial features.  Locate the eyes between reference points
"C" and "D".  The face is five eyes wide.  The bottom of the mouth is at
point "E" with the other features proportional as shown in figure #3.

7.  Recheck your layout compared to the pattern sketches.  When you're
satisfied with the proportions, proceed to carve your masterpiece!


1995 R. L. "Len" Dillon

Delineation by "Ol' Don" Burgdorf

Thanks to Len Dillon for his permission to use these patterns.