Antenna Ball

I guess it is time to put up or shut up on patterns.  I keep asking for original carvings to use as patterns, so here is one that I "dreamed" up, albeit nightmare. I got tired of the same old Jack-in-the-Box face and the Hardies star on antennas.  This one is easy.  Just start with a basswood pear.  It could be done in an egg if you want to save weight, but I haven't had trouble with mine on the antenna.  It is painted with acrylics and finished with several coats of polyurethane to make it carwash safe.  

To install, drill a 1/4" hole in the bottom about 5/8" deep.  Make a wedge out of a 1/2" length of 1/4" dowel.  Cut the dowel in half and groove the center of each half about the same size as the antenna shaft.  Then, place the ball on the antenna and insert the halves on each side of the antenna shaft, forcing the top ball up into the hole.  You have to push hard, but it keeps it in place even in the carwash.