October 1999

Wonders of Wood Show - Success 

All manor of birds, animals, Santa figures, and other finely crafted woodcarvings, woodburning, and woodworking items were on display at the St. Peters Cultural Arts Center, September 18 and 19.  About 38 of our members displayed their wears to over 400 visitors.  It was a great show and enjoyed by all.  Thanks to all who helped. 

The figures on total costs are not in yet.  The raffle items came in again this year, albeit at the very last minute, but we should be in the black.  I know I brought my raffle item in Saturday morning.  That's better than nothing, but it sure makes Chairperson Dee nervous.  Lets all try to get things in a little earlier for future events.  Thanks to all who donated items and a special thanks to our sponsors who generously support us in this effort.  They are:  

St. Peters Cultural Arts Center
Creative Awards
Len Dillion of Diamond "D" Studio
Martin George
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
St. Charles Hardwoods
Mueller Brothers Fine Hardwoods
First Capitol Trading Post
Chic Lumber

The three carving judges -- Charles Browning, Wilbert Brewton, and Dave Lincoln -- are all Professional carvers and have instructed classes and seminars around the area.  The woodworking judge -- Rich Weitzman -- is a member of the St. Louis Woodworkers Association and an accomplished woodworker as well as a carving enthusiast. Thanks to you all for doing this tedious job.  Without your expertise, the selection of the items for awards would not be possible.

The chain saw carver was rained out this year.  He was there Sunday and waited until almost noon, but the rain didn't stop in time for him to do any carving.  The big attraction, Bill Edward's carousel, was there and more impressive than ever.  Great job Bill, and our thanks to you and Evelyn for your support and all the work it requires to bring it in for display.


Novice Blue - J. Burke (5), D. Clarke (3), R. Clark (5); Red - J. Burke (2), R. Clark (2)
Intermediate Blue - C. Sapp (8), C. Adams (4), D. Gilman (2), G. Schuey; Red - C. Adams (3); White - C. Adams, G. Schuey.
Advanced Blue - J. Fritz (4), A. Fritz, J. Bouchillon (5), B. Maguire (2), C. Cross, J. Leifeld (3), R. Sears (2), B. Smith (2); Red - A. Fritz, J. Bouchillon (3), A. Bosley, B. Maguire, G. Hook, J. Leifeld, R. Sears, B. Smith; White - A. Fritz, A. Bosley (2), F. Slagle, B. Smith.
Professional Blue - J. Combs (3), L. Woollard (2), D. Woollard, W. Schmierbach (2), Doc Claybourn (2), R. Ellsworth (2), D. Bosley (2), C. Browning (2); Red - D. Woollard, Doc Claybourn (2), R. Ellsworth (2), D. Bosley (2), C. Browning (2); White - J. Combs (2), Doc Claybourn, D. Bosley.

Pier Preference Awards went to Dave Lincoln - Woodcarving, Barbara Smith - Woodburning, Russ Sears - Woodworking, and John Burke - Woodturning.  The Best Table Award for the most artistic table overall went to Arnold and Joyce Fritz.

The carvings judged Best-of-Show are selected from first place winners in each of the Classes. They were: Novice - Ray Clark, Mountain Lion; Intermediate - Bill Maguire, turned and carved lamp; Advanced - Jim Leifeld, Black Crappie; Professional - Rich Ellsworth, Red Tailed Hawk. Rich's Red Tailed hawk also took the Peoples Choice Award.

Ray Clark
Mountain Lion

Bill Maguire
Turned and carved lamp

Jim Leifeld
Black Crappie

Rich Ellsworth
Red Tail Hawk

1999 Display Schedule
October - Wonders of Wood Show 
November - Ray Clark
December - Barb Smith

2000 Display Case Schedule
Sign up now if you are interested in displaying your art. 
See Red Cross or John Bouchillon to get scheduled.

Saturday carving starts October 9th!

Saturday carving has been a winter activity for our members for the last two years and it's back year round by popular demand.  The first session, October 9th, is on the same Saturday as the Litchfield campout so a couple of Saturday regulars won't be there, but we have enough people coming to make it a great day.  There's no formal project planned, so bring your favorite project.  We will do what comes naturally......  meet 'n eat.

Fall Campout

Campers began arriving at the Cuivre River campground Thursday to stake out the spots needed for the overnight campers.  We were not as lucky getting our favorite spaces this year, so we were a little cramped.  It wasn't too bad, however, since the big group goes up for Saturday only.  The early arrivers are the true nature lovers and like to take it easy and enjoy the camping, carving, and communing with...... whatever. Red and Charlotte Cross, Don and Dee Kley, and Barb Smith never miss this opportunity to commune. 
Saturday,  Doug & Lorraine Woollard, Don & Sue Jackson, Don and Ann Bosley, John Bouchillon, and Jim Abbitt came up for the day.  Lana and Roy Bouchillon and Joan Abbitt made it up for the evening festivities and pot luck supper.  As usual the food was great. 

Doug and Lorraine presented the Santa carving session.  It was a great project for a one day event and everyone finished carving one. There were 7 painted.  Thanks to Doug and Rainy for a fun project.  Sure is nice to have resident instructors in the group

It is a laid back crowd at the Cuivre.  If you missed it, it's your loss.  Mark your calendar for the Y2K Spring Campout.

Even the instructors had to work hard to finish.

Sangamon Valley Woodcarvers Attacked - No prisoners taken.

The St. Charles Area Woodcarvers Fish and Wildlife Division stormed the Sangamon Valley Woodcarvers Show and made off with the booty.  Just take a look at what our guys did:

Realistic Bird - First Place People's Choice - Jack Combs - Great Blue Heron;  Second Place People's Choice and Third Place Judge's Choice - Rich Ellsworth - Red Tailed Hawk.

Realistic Animal - Second Place Judge's Choice - Jim Leifeld - Wolf

Ducks and Decoy - Second Place People's Choice and Third Place Judge's Choice - Rich Ellsworth - Buffalohead Hen;  Second Place Judge's Choice and Third Place People's Choice - Jim Leifeld - Redhead

Realistic Fish - First Place People's Choice and Second Place Judge's Choice - Jim Leifeld - Crappie;  First Place Judge's Choice and Second Place People's Choice - Rich Ellsworth, Crappie, Bass and Red Eared Sunfish.

Stylized - First Place People's Choice and Second Place Judge's Choice - Jim Leifeld - Dolphins

Bunny Rabbit
Egg Pattern

An original carving by Arnold Fritz made from an egg.  Arnold graciously gave his permission to use it.  If you like this feature, let me know and help look for patterns.  A full page pattern will be available for copy at the next meeting.


Upcoming Events and Activities
October 6 Regular monthly business meeting.
October 7-10 Litchfield Campout (Contact Bob Biermann 314-843-6244)
October 9 Saturday carving, 9 to 3.  Open - No planned projects to date.
October 20 Regular monthly carving meeting.  Project is a snowman with Dee. 
October 23 Saturday Carving, 9 to 3.
November 6-7 Belleville Holzschnitzers 29th annual Woodcarvers Show.
November 13 Saturday Carving, 9 to 3. Last Saturday until January 2000
November 27-28 St. Louis Area Woodcarvers 9th Annual Woodcarving Show.
December 1 Christmas Party.  Last meeting of 1999

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