October 2000

Prez Seys

    The 11th Annual “Wonders of Wood” Show held Sept 15th and 16th was an outstanding success. We had over four hundred visitors. They were given a questionnaire asking for feedback about the show and the responses were extremely positive. We also received many very positive oral comments from our visitors.

Once again Dee Kley did an outstanding job.  Dee has been the Chairperson for these shows for the last five years. It has not been an easy job. Most of us do not see or realize all the hard work required for these shows. On behalf of our club, I extend my complements and thanks to Dee for all her work this year and over the past five years. “Well done”!  Someone else who deserves special thanks for his work over the years is Don Kley.  He also works behind the scenes helping to prepare for the show.  On behalf of our club I would also like to extend my complements and thanks for all his help.  When you see Dee and Don, please give them a pat on the back and a “Well done”.

I would also like to extend my complements and thanks to all the exhibitors who participated in the show. Your carvings and displays made it a success. We have some extraordinarily talented people in our club.  I would also like to thank everyone else who participated in the show, as your efforts also helped make the show a success.  

Regards – Don Jackson


End of an ERA

    Looks like our days at the old Cultural Arts Center are numbered.  The current center is up for sale and a new, larger building is probably going to be the new home for the arts in St. Peters.  The latest date I have heard is early March next year.  In the meantime, we may be in for a bleak winter in our current area.  Due to drastic budget cuts,  the niceties we have enjoyed over the life of our club are going to be limited.  The following changes will be effective by the time you receive this newsletter:
-   The center will be closed on the weekends.  This eliminates our Saturday carvings until further notice.  There has been some talk of special permits procured by  extra payments from the club.  The weekend closures are aimed at reducing the electric bill for heating, cooling, and lighting and a reduction in support staff hours.
-    No more coffee or copies.  Copies will be on a price per page basis as long as the copier holds out.  Coffee will be discontinued.  We always cook our own coffee at meetings, but here will no longer be that second pot of full strength coffee for us hardier folk. Wednesday morning carvers sponged off the center for both kinds.  They will have to use the club pot also.  They will need an official coffee maker and pot washer volunteer.  We don't realize how much we depend on Red Cross to do this tiresome job year after year.  Maybe we need a volunteer for this task just to give Red a rest.  You coffee drinkers tell Red thanks for this work and think about helping or even taking it over.
-    Opening hours for the center will be changed from 9 A.M. to 10 A.M.  The morning group will have to change to 10 to 1 to keep the three hour period.  Some night hours have also been reduced, but they won't affect our Wednesday meetings.   
    From the sound of things, it appears to be a pretty drastic change.  Rich Brooks has been kind enough to keep us informed and is working with us to minimize the affect.  The cuts are hurting him every day, not just on Wednesday and Saturdays.  Familiar faces will be leaving and the help, Xerox, and other benefits will be sorely missed.  
    There have been conversations about charging for membership in the Center and a lot of other money raising activities. There has also been talk about finding a new place for us to meet. Too many things are going on for me to remember and cover here.  Get to the October meeting to hear the latest and greatest.


Show and Tell

There were some great projects at the September meetings. What we lacked in quantity, we made up for in quality.  Billy Lee completed this great barn from the John Engler Seminar.  It was in a wonderful frame that Billy created with hand carved corner pieces.  The frame didn't show up very well, so here is the barn without the frame.  Sorry Billy.  I tried.  

Our newest member, Bryan Baker, brought in two great fish.  One at the first meeting and one at the second.  I wasn't sure if he did the second carving during the two weeks between meetings, but I would guess the second took a little more time than that.

Bob Ryan had this covered bridge that he did in the Engler Seminar.  We will expect to see it finished soon, Bob.

Don Bosley brought in this piece to point out the curves and surfaces that make carvings more highly rated in art shows.  It won him a blue.


Member Spotlight

Ray Clark

We all have to watch our P's and Q's when Ray is around.  When he isn't creating his wonderful carvings, he puts on his badge and pager and becomes the Warrenton Chief of Police.  He walked into the room last month when us Seasoned Eye Guys were having a gay old time and I was sure we were being raided.  Fortunately, he was just on his way to St. Louis for some Missouri Peace Officers Association (MPOA) meeting.  By the way, he is also the President of the MPOA.  Now if you don't think this keeps him busy enough, he is  in the process of going professional in the carving community.  He has works on display at Silver Dollar City and for sale in their shop.  He also plays the base guitar in a country and gospel band.  In his spare time, he handles the Secretary duties for our club.  Gee Ray, if you have a minute to spare, would you mind taking over the.............

Dee Kley

For those of you who don't know Dee, get with the program!  You can't be a member of this club and attend any event or participate in any activity without meeting her.  For that matter, her other half,  Don must also be included in this, also.  Anyway, she has been an integral part of our Wonders of Wood Show for five years.  As Don Jackson so aptly put it in his Prez Seys, and as shown here in the picture, Thanks Dee!  Our members are the best when it comes to pitching in and helping, but without her organizational guidance and pleasant pushing it would be a real strain.  Dee and Don participate in all our activities with little more than "Sure, be happy to."  They are as low key as a Sherman tank when it comes to getting the work of the club done in a very professional way.  I would like to add my thanks to Don's as well as the whole club for their efforts. 

Thanks Dee.  


The fall campout is upon us again, September 30, 8:30 AM to Pot Luck Suppertime.  I don't think everyone will get the newsletter in time to change their plans, so I hope everyone who was interested in the campout got the information on the change by word of mouth.  It seems that our group is getting too old and crotchety and can't handle camping any more.  We only had one camper and that wasn't enough to reserve the space needed for the Saturday group.  So, we changed the location to the Fort Zumwalt Park.  So we will call it an all day carving picnic.  Charles Adams is in charge of the project and has a cute bear lounging on a log for the project.  There will be the usual pot luck supper, but without electricity, it may really be pot luck.  This will be a new experience for the club.  It may require some thought next year for the Spring function.


Wonders of Wood Results

I don't have all the results of the Wonders of Wood Show, but here are the Major winners.   Jack Combs - Professional Best of Show and People's Choice Award - Ruffed Grouse.  John Bouchillon - Advanced Best of Show  -  Cowboy Caricature.  Charles Sapp - Intermediate Best of Show - Golfer Caricature.  Mary Ann Davisson - Beginner Best of Show - Bird in the tree.  Peer Preference Awards:  Woodcarving, Jack Combs;  Woodburning, Barb Smith;  Woodturning, Bill Maguire;  Woodworking, Walt Schmierbach. Best Table Award, Don and Dee Kley.

Jack Combs

John Bouchillon

Charles Sapp

Marry Ann Davisson

The Sangamon Valley Woodcarvers 11th Annual Show
  was a bonanza for our members.  Best of Show Judges Choice:  Jack Combs - Pintail ($100).  Realistic Bird - Second Place People's Choice:  Jack Combs - Ruffed Grouse.  Ducks and Decoy -  First Place People's Choice and First Place Judge's Choice: Jack Combs - Pintail.  Realistic Human - Third Place People's Choice: Jack Combs - Mountain Man.  Chip Carving - First Place People's Choice: Charlotte Cross - Walking Stick.  Santa - First Place People's Choice: Jack Combs - Santa.  Congratulations to all.

Blue Ribbon Winners - Don't forget to bring in your Blue Ribbon Winners for the display case.  October is reserved for  the Wonders of Wood Show winners and we have two additional cases available this year.  Don't miss the opportunity to show your work and make this months display equal to the quality that we displayed at the show.

Saturday Burning Seminar - The Saturday woodburning seminar was a success.  We had about 20 people.  Barb Smith does a great job instructing.  You will be seeing some of the results at future meetings for show and tell.  We had some great stew for lunch thanks to Jean White. Dorothy Clark brought donuts and Mary Ann Davisson made wonderful brownies.  Meet 'n Eat strikes again.  If you missed this Saturday, you may have missed your last chance for a while.

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