November 1999

Greetings from the Editor

   It has been some time since I have taken the pen in hand so to speak, but there are several items that need to be discussed.  First, is the need for items to sell at the Belleville show, November 6th and 7th.  We have been asked to support the club in this effort by donating ornaments or other small items to be sold at our table.  The items should be brought to the meeting, Wednesday, November 3rd, so they can be taken to the show in time for the opening bell.  I saw the schedule and it looks like we can squeak through.  We have at least two people for every shift.  Two is the bare minimum, however, so feel free to pad a shift if you can help.  The schedule will be available at the meeting.

   Officer selection is coming up soon.  Take a close look at your available time and abilities and volunteer to bear the burden of an office.  It would be a welcome sight to have one or more willing volunteers to carry on the work of the club without the typical railroading  that selecting officers often degenerates into.  See a member of the Board of Directors to make it known that you would be willing to support the club in this way.  Volunteers are also needed to participate in the Display Case.

   NOTICE:  The club tool sharpener is in need of some rubbing compound.  We originally had a course and a fine grit compound in small green Clover Brand metal containers.  These containers have been misplaced or borrowed and are no longer in the supply cabinet.  If your have the containers, please return them.  Otherwise, they will have to be replaced. 


Saturday Carving

Saturday carving days are at an end.  We only have one more scheduled this year - November 13th.  There won't be another Saturday until January 2000.  Don't miss the fun.  We  have open carving, so you can bring in anything you would like to work on.   Food is a "do it yourself" matter, also.  Bring your own or go out.

Need help?  It's there? Our members have knowledge in many areas and are always willing to help.  Most of the time, they help in areas that you are really interested in.

Time:  Around 9 AM  until about 3. (Very flexible)  Cost is $2 rent, but come for just half day and pay half.  Come and enjoy the day.  We always have a great time.  Be prepared to defend yourself.  No one is immune to taking a joke on the chin.  Especially if Barb, Rainy and Charlotte are around.  Never believe that jibe about the weaker sex.


Carving Snowmen
With Dee and Rainy

How would you like to have one of these cute guys around your house?  Well, you could have had one, or one of his friends, if you had joined the crowd doing the snowman carvings last month.  Dee and Don were project leaders and furnished some great blanks.  Rainy and Doug helped in their inimitable way.  The gang joined in on a very entertaining session.  

Not only did we learn about the snowmen, we got a first hand lesson on the benefits of carving with a water and alcohol bath for the blank.  Sure makes the carving easier.  Thanks to Dee, Don, Rainy, and Doug for a great project.



We are now over with the last woodcarvers campout for the 20th century.  Mother Nature had to show us who was in control and she got us wet late Friday night. Friday and Saturday during the day was dry for the most part but a little cool. We had a small group of brave campers this year and as usual we had a good time and a great campfire.

This year we had to use a large pavilion to do our carving.  It was nice and a lot better light than sitting inside. Thanks to Barb Smith, who came up with a project for the campout, although she couldnít attend. I think it still went well.

This year we had special non-carving guest at the campout. Wayne and Pat Laramore brought their daughter, Amy, and husband, Tim, and their son Will Price. I hope the weather doesnít discourage them from returning next year. We really enjoyed their company and my granddaughter enjoyed taking Will for a ride in her little red jeep.

The Brownings also had a special guest, Loretta. You really donít know Loretta is around much until itís happy hour, then after our first cocktail, look out, she comes to life and gives everybody trouble. Good going Loretta, hope to see you at a lot more of the campouts, I need your help in keeping the carvers in line.

Dorothy Browning added a little excitement to the campout this year. Saturday morning she fell in her trailer and she had one of the worst black eyes Iíve seen in a long time. It didnít seem to slow her down much though. Hope you get better soon.

Well, in the 21st century I promise we wonít have any rain at the campout and the temperature will be 72 degrees. If you would like to join us the dates for the year 2000 are June 1 through 4 and October 5 through 8. Come join in the fun.  See You In The Spring  -  Bob and Ro Biermann


WOOD CARVERS COOKBOOK - Just in time For Christmas

   Members of the North Arkansas Wood Carvers and their friends have compiled an elegant assortment of delicious receipts. Many receipts have never been shared or even printed.  They were passed on from family member to family member, and are truly great.  Included are many helpful hints and Woodcarvers Prayers and Poems, by some very notable carvers. Also included are a couple of Chef patterns by "OL" Don Burgdorf, the Chip-Chats doodler, over Nashville way.  They are drawn and dedicated to this cook book.  Special THANKS go to Mildred and Gary Freeman, of Converse, Indiana, for their help in printing and publishing the book.
   Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to offset some of the expenses for The North Arkansas Wood Carvers 21st Annual Wood Carving Show being held May 6 and 7th, 2000 in Mountain Home, Arkansas. This years show will have expanded categories and dollars or merchandise for all blue ribbon winners, first, second, and third Best of Show.  Also, a first time Saturday night banquet, with door prizes for all.  Tom Brown will be doing the Judging.  Tables are $30.00 each.
   The wood Craft Shop will be the vendor and the Wood Turners will be attending again this year.  Arbotech and Chain Saw demonstrations will be going on both days, along with many other wood carving demonstrations and contests.

To order this Cook Book send $10.00 plus $1.00 shipping [Total $11.00 check or money order] to: NAWC
PO BOX 531

For show information contact:
Neil Foster
P. O. Box 531
Mountain  Home AR, 72364 
Phone [870] 425-5128 
Len Dillon 
Phone [870] 452-9062




Affiliations:  National Wood Carvers Association and St. Charles Area Woodcarvers

Background:  Police Chief, Warrenton MO, started carving in 1998.  

Awards:  First show experience -  Wonders of Wood 1999.  Won numerous blue ribbons and Novice Best of Show for his wonderful Mountain Lion. (Shown)

Training:  Mostly self taught, but attended seminars and classes locally.  

December Show Case - Barb Smith.  January  February  March - OPEN.  
See Red Cross or John Bouchillon to get scheduled.


Safety:  One of our members recently cut his hand in the thumb web area and it required extensive surgery to correct the damage.  He had just taken his glove off and wanted to do one more thing.  A few days ago, I cut my hand in the same place.  Fortunately, I was wearing my glove.  The knife point went through the glove and the thumb web.  But, with the glove on, it stopped and exited without cutting further.  It left a neat pierce which is sore, but did not require stitches.  The steel wire in the glove actually dulled my knife blade.  It would have stopped a gouge or v-tool.  A word to the wise should be sufficient.


1.  Don't attend meetings or functions.

2.  If you go, make sure you arrive late.

3.  Never accept an office.  It is easier to criticize than to do things.

4.  If asked your opinion regarding something important, have nothing to say.

5.  After meetings, tell everyone how things should be done.

6.  Hold back dues as long as possible, or better yet, don't pay them at all.

7.  When everything else fails, abuse office bearers.

8.  If you agree with everything at a meeting, make sure you disagree with it outside.

9.  Don't tell the club how it can help you, tell everyone else that it is useless.

10.  Talk cooperation to others, but don't cooperate yourself.

11.  Don't bother about getting new members, let the secretary do it.

12.  Do nothing more than necessary; but when others roll up their sleeves willingly and unselfishly to help matters, complain that the club is run by a clique.

Twelve Ways of 
Killing Your Club

Furnished by Doug Woollard - Taken from:  THE COLORADO WOODCARVER Newsletter


Upcoming Events and Activities


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November 3 Regular monthly business meeting.
November 6-7 Belleville Holzschnitzers 29th annual Woodcarvers Show.
November 13 Saturday Carving, 9 to 3. Last Saturday until  2000
November 17 Regular carving meeting.  Dave Lincoln does clay eyes.  
November 27-28 St. Louis Area Woodcarvers Annual Woodcarving Show.
December 1 Christmas Party.  Last meeting of 1999

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