November 2002

Winding Down Another Year

Wonders of Wood is well under our belts. The snow birds are talking about getting ready for their annual migration. Activities are underway for the Belleville show, November 2-3. Everyone is making a list and checking it twice on what they will be buying in the way of wood, tools, gadgets, and more stuff to store. Our club project of carving flags to sell was a big success. If you got one of the blanks, be sure to finish it and get it over to Belleville.

Thanks to Russ Sears for cutting out the wood and to everyone who completed one. Hopefully, we will be able to defray the cost of our table at the show. We still need people to man the table. If you will have some time over the weekend and would be willing to smile for a couple of hours straight, give Charles Adams a call and get on the schedule. He can be reached any time at 636-805-5538. 

For all you new members, if you have never been over to this show, be sure to go. It's the best touchey feeley buying place in the area.  Lets not forget the St. Louis Woodcarvers Show. It will be November 30th and December 1st. They also have a great show and many of our members participate in it as well as the Belleville Show.  

For additional information on the Belleville  and  St. Louis Show, click here to go to a link to their websites.

Another sign of the coming end of the year is the Deutsch Country Days which was last month. It is held on the Historic Luxenhaus Farm near Marthasville the 3rd weekend of October every year. This year, they had sort of a changing of the guard in the woodcarving department. We were fortunate, however, to keep the spotlight on our club through another member. For ten years or more, Dr. Norman Claybourn has been their resident woodcarver. Doc, as we all know him, is an avid supporter of our club and woodcarving in general. Every year he would pack up his carvings and journey down to Marthasville to promote woodcarving, sell his wares, and just talk to people. During the last several years, he has had the help of Walter Schmierbach. Walt, assisted Doc and also displayed and sold his beautiful boxes, plates, and other chip carved items there. The two day event became more than a hand full for the pair, so the word was put out for someone to take over the display. 

This kindly old gentleman agreed to take it over and is shown here in full period costume with his carvings all around. He fits in well with the old time atmosphere they maintain throughout the park. Period dress, period music, whistling steam, wood smoke and the sweet fragrance of sorghum cooking, fills the crisp, autumn air. While you are watching these elite artisans, you can savor German home cooking and enjoy the feel of the way it was. Thanks to our members, woodcarving has been, and will continue to be well represented there. Give it a try next year and enjoy the fun. By the way, who is that "old" gentleman with the carvings?  It's Ray Clark; Police Chief and master carver for our club, Silver Dollar City, and now, Deutsch Country Days. Go Ray!

The final sign of the coming of the end of another year is the planning for our annual Christmas Party. Think about what you would like to do this year and lets get on with the planning. This is our only function for the month of December and has always been a great event. Bring in your ideas to the meeting on the 6th and lets get the ball rolling and the details ironed out in plenty of time for December 4th.


Show and Tell

Jack Combs Civil War solder done in basswood and finished with cherry tung oil stain. Buttons are done with 1/32nd basswood punched out with a paper punch.

Red Cross carved this Enlow roughout of Ms. Santa, finished in acrylics by Charlotte.


Bob Craven completed a couple of Witches for his wife in honor of the season. He carves season appropriate items to maintain tranquility in the house. Good idea Bob. 

Don and Dee Kley were two of our members who attended the Belleville campout this year. They completed these two Santa's with Bob Biermann. Bob always has some interesting projects for the carvers.


October Display Case - Walter Schmierbach

Affiliations: St Charles Area Woodcarvers. 

Interests: Chip Carving.

Training: Self taught and assistance by fellow carvers.

Awards: Best of show and blue ribbons at Wonders of Wood

Background: My grandfather was a wood worker.  I took up wood carving when I retired in 1985 and joined the St. Charles Area Wood Carvers Club.

Thoughts: Wood Carving as a hobby is relaxing and enjoyable. You also get to meet some very nice people.


November Display Case - Charles Adams

Affiliations: St. Charles Area Woodcarvers Association, National Wood Carvers Association, Mid-America Woodcarvers Association, West County Wood Carvers, St. Louis Area Wood Carvers, Ozark Mountain Woodcarvers, and the Belleville Area Holzschnitzers.

Interest: I have tried just about every type of carving and I seem to enjoy them all.

Background: When I was 10, my Dad gave me a hammer, nails, and a pile of old used lumber. He said if I was going to have a dog, I had to build him a house. Sawdust, wood chips and I have had a love affair ever since.

Training: I seem to get advice from just about everyone in the clubs that I belong to. Examples would be: Where's your nametag? If you'd sharpen that knife, you wouldn't have to work so hard. Find a seat, sit down, shut up, you sure you don't want $5 worth of 50/50 tickets?

Beyond training from fellow club members, I have also attended classes with: Debbie Edwards, Rex Branson, Wilbert Brewton, Sheldon White, Jeff Phares, Marlen Downing, and Greg Wilkerson.


Showcase Chairman: Welcome aboard to the new Showcase manager, Bill Maguire. Bill stepped up to the plate and coaxed Walter to take the show case last month and Charles for this month. I understand Bill has takers through February already. Good job, Bill, and thanks to Walt and Charles, too. The Art Center provides the club access to the show case as a means of advertising club activities. We don't want to miss this wonderful opportunity. So, if Bill comes around and taps you on the shoulder to plan a date for you to blow your own horn, just remember, "He who toothth not his horn, the same shall not be tootithed" Or whatever that old saying is. Give Bill your support and lets keep the club in the forefront and the case full.


The Rest of the News

From the Wagonmaster:  The Fall campout was a success. We filled 8 campsites and had several people come in Saturday to spend the day with us and join in on the Saturday night pot luck supper. The pot luck suppers keep getting better every time. The girls really do a good job keeping us hungry woodcarvers happy. The project for the campout was Christmas ornaments that Larry Baldridge and I brought and Larry also brought some little cowboy blanks so we had a lot of projects to pick from and keep us busy. Larry did a great job teaching how to carve the little cowboy, I can see I am going to have some competition. 

     We had a variety of weather this year. It went from warm to rainy to real cool to where the nightly campfire really felt good. This year Dennis Browning and I tried our luck at fishing in the campground lake. We soon learned we were a little better at carving than we were at fishing, so we went back to making chips. 

     If you would like to join us next year at the campout or just come spend the day with us, the dates for 2003 are June 5-6-7 and October 9-10-11. Hope to see you in the spring,  Bob & Ro.

New Display Case: As a result of the Mayor's visit to our Wonders of Wood show, we have been requested to provide some of our works for a display case in the St. Peters City Hall. Jim Leifeld coordinated with the Art Center and the Mayor's office and has started the first display there with some of his carvings. This will be a high visibility activity for the club. Jim will probably have more to say on this at future meetings. If you are interested in participating, let Jim know so he can get the schedule started.

Saturday Carving was discontinued this year due to poor turnout. Several members have expressed interest in getting it restarted, even if it is only for the Winter months. If any one is interested, bring your ideas and lets discuss it.  There are several possibilities on times and location. It's a fun activity if we can get carvers.

Charlene McMenamy has been at it again. As some of you know, she [VERY] actively supports and participates in the Senior Olympics every year. She brought in her collection of ribbons for her efforts this year. Very impressive! She participates in biking, running and other events I can't even imagine, and seems to always be up there in the top three. All the gold, silver and bronze medals she brought in last month would be more exercise than I would care to do just bringing them in. If any one is interested in participating, Charlene will be happy to provide the necessary information and entry forms for next years events. Good job Charlene.

Christmas Boutique:  The Art Center is planning to have a Christmas Boutique on Dec 7th.  It will consist of renting tables for $15 and selling paintings, carvings, etc. The Arts Center will get 20% of the sales. They would have one cashier to collect the money and send the vendors a check after the final tally.  If you would be interested in renting a table, or sharing one, to support the Art Center, contact Rich or Laura at the Art Center, 636-397-6903.


Happy Thanksgiving

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