November 2000

Pres Seys

We will have election of officers for the year 2001 at our November 1st meeting. I hope to see you there.

The Midwestern Woodcarvers Show will be held November 4th and 5th at the Belle-Clair Exposition Hall, 200 South Belt East, Near Rt. 13 & Rt. 159 in Belleville, IL. Admission is $2.00. The show is hosted by the Belleville Holzschnitzers Carving Club.  If you have never attended this show, I urge you to do so. There will be over 300 tables of cravings and crafts. There will also be several vendors of woodcarving tools and supplies there. To help defray the cost of our table at the show, we are asking members to donate hand carved Christmas ornaments to sell. We must have them by the November 1st meeting. Turn them in to Sue or I at the meeting.  We did not have enough people sign up to man our table Sunday. Ray Clark volunteered to handle it.  If you are at the show Sunday, please help by manning the table for as long as you can and give Ray a chance for a break.

I believe that most of you are aware of the changes regarding the St. Peters Cultural Arts Center. Due to budget constraints the Center is reducing the hours that it is open, our rent may go up, and it may be moved to a different location.  At the present time, the situation is very fluid and we do not know anything for sure regarding these changes. We may need to make some changes in the operations of our club. I will keep you posted via the Newsletter and at meetings as soon as we know anything.

After ten years of being our Clubís "Master of Arms", Stan "Red" Cross has elected to retire from these duties. We do not see or realize all the work that Red does.  It is behind the scene. We come to the meetings and the coffee is done and the tables are setup.  We take this for granted. Over the years Red has been our liaison with the Art Center. One of the main reasons we have such a good relationship with the Center is due to Redís work on our behalf. Red will be sorely missed as our Master of Arms. When you see Red, give him a handshake and thank him. You may not know, but Charlotte Cross also helps Red in this job. When you see Charlotte, give her a thank you, also.

Our thoughts and prayers goes out to all of our members who are ill. We wish them a speedy recovery.

Sue and I wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.   Regards - Don Jackson

Wonders of Wood Show Results 

CHRISTMAS -101 - Santa's and angels: (N) 1. Dudley Jackson, 2. Dudley Jackson; (P) 1. Jack Combs.  
RELIEF CARVING - 202 - Scene - Buildings and landscapes:  (A) 1. Ann Bosley - 203 - People involvement: (I) 1. Charles Sapp, (A) 1. John Bouchillon, 2. John Bouchillon - 204 - Natural History - animals, birds, fish: (P) 1. Charles Browning.
ABSTRACT AND ORNAMENTAL CARVING - 301 - Abstract :  (A) 1. Bill Maguire - 306 - Chip carving - geometric:  (A) 1. Don Kley, (P) 1. Walter Schmierbach, 2. Walter Schmierbach.
ANIMAL FIGURE - 401 - Realistic:  (I) 1. Ray Clark, (A) 1. Fern Loftin, (P) 1. Doc Claybourn. - 
402 - Caricature or Stylized:  (N) 1. Mary Ann Davisson, (I) 1. Dorothy Clarke, 2. George Schuey, 3. George Schuey.
ANIMAL HEAD - 501 - Realistic: (P) 1. Doc Claybourn.
BIRD - 602 - Game bird, bird of prey - Realistic: (P) 1. Jack Combs, 2. Rich Ellsworth. - 603 - Song Bird - Realistic: (A) 1. Jim Leifeld, (P) 1. Jack Combs. - 605 - All Species - Caricature or Stylized: (N) 1. Mary Davisson, (I) 1. Dorothy Clarke, (P) Charles Browning. - 606 - Waterfowl:  (A) 1. Jim Leifeld, (P) 1. Rich Ellsworth, 2. Jack Combs.
FISH/AQUATIC - 701 - Realistic: (P) 1. Doc Claybourn - 703 - Caricature or Stylized: (P) 1. Charles Browning.
HUMAN FIGURE (under 15 inches high) - 801 - Realistic:  (N) 1. Dudley Jackson, (I) 1. Dorothy Clarke, (P) 1. Don Bosley. - 802 - Caricature or Stylized:  (I) 1. Charles Sapp, 2. Charles Sapp, 3. Dorothy Clarke, (A) 1. John Bouchillon, 2. John Bouchillon, (P) 1. Don Bosley, 2. Doc Claybourn, 3. Don Bosley.
HUMAN FIGURE (over 15 inches high) - 825 - Realistic:  (P) 1. Charles Browning. - 826 - Caricature or Stylized:  (P) 1. Charles Browning.
HUMAN FIGURE - BUST/MASK/HEAD - 850 - Realistic:  (A) 1. John Bouchillon, (P) 1. Jack combs, 2.  Doc Claybourn. - 851 - Caricature or Stylized: (P) 1. Don Bosley.
GROUP CARVING - 900 - Exhibits of two or more:  (P) 1. Jack Combs, 2. Charles Browning.
CLOCKS - 41 - Wall:  (P) 1. Walter Schmierbach.
LAMP - 70 - Laminated:  (A) 1. Bill Maguire.
BURNING - 80 - Plain: (I) 1. Dorothy Clarke, (A) 1. John Bouchillon, (P) 1. Barb Smith, 2. Charles Browning, 3. Charles Browning. - 81 - Painted: (P) 1. Barb Smith.
MISCELLANEOUS - 90 - Entries not falling into the above classes:  (P) 1. Walter Schmierbach.
(N) Novice   (I) Intermediate  (A) Advanced   (P) Professional

The carving judges -- Charles Browning, Wilbert Brewton, Dave Lincoln, Jim Leifeld, Don Wilson, and Bill Maguire -- are all Advanced or Professional carvers and some have instructed classes and seminars around the area. Thanks to you all for doing this tedious job.  Without your expertise, the ranking of items for awards would not be possible.

The figures on total costs are not in yet.  The raffle items came in this year so we should be in the black.  Thanks to all who donated items and a special thanks to our sponsors who generously support us in this effort.  They are:  St. Peters Cultural Arts Center, Rockler Woodworking and Hardware, St. Charles Hardwoods, Mueller Brothers Fine Hardwoods and The First Capitol Trading Post.



Affiliations:  St Charles Area Woodcarvers and The National Woodcarvers Association.

Interests:  My main interest has been carving in the round with subjects ranging from Caricatures to Indians with a liberal sprinkling of animals thrown in. Forays into chip carving are not unheard of and I am currently hot on woodburning.

Background:  I am a retired Electronics Engineer and worked for 33 years in Army Aviation.  After computers were invented, I migrated into navigation and weapons systems and retired in 1993.  Interest in carving began some time before that, but it was only after retirement that I had the time to pursue the hobby.

Training:  Classes in beginning carving and shore birds at Woodcraft whetted my interest.  Other classes from Dave Lincoln, Gerald Sears, Debbie Edwards, John Engler, Barb Smith and many others continue to keep the hobby fresh.

Advice:  If you don't try, you will never know if you can.


Face Carving

The face carving class got underway at the October 18th meeting.  Charles Adams scrounged the wood and supervised construction of the holders at the August 2nd meeting.  Wilbert Brewton will be instructing the class.  Here, carvers  watch as Wilbert shows his technique for starting out with proper face proportions.  

Holders and wood are still available for anyone interested in the class.  It will be a continuing project.  Bring your big carving tools, two "C" Clamps, and a mallet.


Show and Tell

Show and tell was a little sparse last month.  I missed the first meeting, so if anyone brought something in, I apologize.  Bryan Baker brought in a super Barracuda to the October 18th meeting.  Seems like he has a new fish every meeting.  Arnold Fritz is working on a Cowboy and Indian Chess Set.  Here are four of the 32 pieces required to make the set.  Arnold certainly doesn't mind tackling a large project regardless of how small the pieces are.  Good job to both of you.  If you have anything for Show and Tell, be sure to bring it in this month.  The year is almost over.



The Woodcarving campouts for 2000 are over and we all had a great time at both of them. At the June campout we had perfect weather and in October it was cold. There were 19 brave people who came to the campout despite the cold weather. I think this was the coldest weekend the woodcarvers ever had, but it didn't stop us from having a good time. We still had our big campfire at night and everyone came out to sit around the fire. It was great!!! During the day we were able to use the A-frame building to do our carving, so we were nice and warm.

Barb Smith taught the project this time and it was liked by all. Everyone just about finished the project. It was a relief carving with a little bit of woodburning on it. Thanks Barb for teaching the class, you did a great job despite all the trouble everyone gave you. Barb said she would teach a class next fall on woodburning which she is excellent at.

Next year I will have my new trailer and Dennis Browning will also get to move out of his van into a pop up trailer, so we are looking forward to next spring's campout. 

If you have a project you would like to share with us next spring please let me know, suggestions are always appreciated.  The campout dates for 2001 are the weekends of June 7-9 and October 4-6. Come join us and have some fun.  BOB BIERMANN


Fall Campout

We managed to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat.  The Fall Cuivre River Campout situation was bleak.  Only one camper was available.  Definitely not enough to reserve room for the Saturday group.  Besides, who wants to go to a club campout alone?  So, it was moved to the Ft. Zumwalt City Park in O'Fallon.  The park is a lot like the Cuivre River State Park in ambience, trees and nature.  It was surprisingly quiet, considering its proximity to the city.  We had great weather for the 12 carvers that made it out.  The only thing missing was electricity, but with pre-planning, the Meet-n-Eat bunch did just fine.  Several additional non-carvers made it in time for the food.  As always, the food was great and no one left hungry.  

Charles Adams was in charge of the project.  He came up with a charming little bear lounging on a log (above).  A little optimistic for a one day carve, but lots of fun and provided as much challenge as anyone cared to make it.  I can't wait to see one completed.  Mine will be finished jus' as soon as I figger out just whut kind of a tree log 'at bugger is alie'n on.  Last I heard, Charles had a few more rough outs available.  They are $16 if you are interested.


Saturday Carving

Saturdays have been a little shaky since the new budget came into effect at the Art Center.  As you know, we did not have a Saturday Carving  in October.  However, we have made arrangements for one more this year,  November 18th.  The first Saturday in November is the weekend of the Belleville Show, so that was not a good date.  Also, December is a bad month for extra activities.  That's why we only have one meeting, our Christmas Party and Pot Luck Meet-n-Eat affair. At this time, we are unsure of what will happen next year.   So, get your knives sharpened, your woodburners warm, and your jokes ready for the last Saturday carving date of the Millennium.  The hours are 9 to 2 and the rent will remain at $2.  See you on the 18th.

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