May 2000

Prez Seys

I am happy to inform you, that Charles Adams has agreed to accept the position of chairperson of the "Project Committee". This committee will design and present carving projects which the club can participate in.  These carving projects will be used at the second meeting of the month or on weekends. If you have any ideas, you have a project or you can help in any way, please contact Charles Adams. Lets all support Charles in this work. On behalf of the club, I thank Charles for taking on this committee.

Also I am happy to report that Lu Perkov has accepted the position of Chairperson of our "Wellness Committee".  Lu will be the person to notify if you know of any club member who is ill or who has passed away. Lu will send card, flowers or what ever is appropriate for the occasion. Please support her in this work. You can contact Lu at 636-936-0665 or at the club meetings. I want to thank Lu for taking on this additional responsibility. Lu is already our club Historian.

I would also like to thank Red & Charlotte Cross for all the work they do setting up the room for all the meetings. Red is our "Master at Arms". Every meeting night and every Saturday carving session, Red & Charlotte arrive early to set up tables, chairs and to make coffee.  When you see Red & Charlotte give them a thank you for a job well done for many years. Red & Charlotte, on behalf of the club, thank you very much.

The "Spring Camp out" will be held on the same weekend that the May 20th Saturday carving session is scheduled.  Please note that the May 20th Saturday carving will be canceled, and the camp out will take its place.

John Bouchillon, I would like to extend my compliments, for the outstanding job you are doing on the club newsletter.  If you have an E-mail address, please give it to John. If you have a computer and are connected to the internet I urge you to check out the current and previous newsletters on the club's web site "" or at John's World home page.  Both sites have the outstanding color pictures in the newsletter and other good information.  Try them both. If you are receiving the newsletter by regular mail, but you can get it on the internet, please notify John.  This will help the club save postage. Also, It is a big job to get the newsletter put together every month, so if you have any interesting or fun facts to contribute, please let John know.

I hope to see you at the next meeting.  Regards, Don Jackson

Show and Tell

Barb Smith's wonderful burning of mountain lions.  Approximately
12 x 9" on basswood slab.

John Bouchillon's lady, 12" tall
basswood, painted in acrylics.

Two of the three relief carvings done at Branson.  Don Wilson, Rainy Woollard, and Charlotte Cross took the class and all had wonderful bridges to show.   My pictures didn't do them justice and one didn't show at all.  Sorry guys.  If you like these, a relief carving class by John Engler is in the works for those of us that can't afford to make the trip to Branson.  Check it out.

Chong Kim had this wonderful bird.  It was unfinished at the meeting, but you can bet it will be back finished in his inimitable way.
Don Bosley returned from his Winter trip to the Valley with these Enlow "Precious Moments".  Wonder where he got that name.

Doug Woollard has a thing for Indians and mountain men.  I can see why.  

John Bouchillon completed this 15" cottonwood bark Indian direct from the pages of the Phares book on faces.  

Jack Combs completed another mountain man in his power only carving tradition.  If he would use real knives, there is no limit to what he could do. 

One of the Gerald Sears caricatures is this "cook" converted to a knife maker blacksmith by yours truly.  I like making knives second only to carving.

Ray Clark's bear done in Debbie Edwards class at Branson shows why he was selected to display there.  

Red Cross had a whole troop of caricatures done at Branson in Gerald Sears class.  Red missed the Sears class here at the Art Center, so he had to go all the way down to Branson.

Charley Sapp had two original designs of the Uncle Sam Figure.  Nothing unpatriotic about old Charley.

This and That

Spring Campout - May 19,20,21 - The Saturday project will be Yam Carving (for you Yankees, a yam is a sweet potato) and a shallow relief of a cross with dogwood flowers. Barb Smith, project leader for the Saturday session will need to know how many will attend to make sure she has enough potatoes and cutouts.  If you will not be at the Wednesday meeting, but expect to attend the Saturday festivities at Cuivre, give Barb a call (636-240-7690) and let her know.   Don't forget the Pot Luck supper Saturday Night.  Also, don't forget that there will not be any carving at the Art Center, Saturday May 20.

Snowbirds Return:  Welcome back to the Bosleys and Kleys.  They made it back in grand style last month.  Glad to have them back in the area.  It's good to have some new folks to give a hard time to.  I'm not real sure what they see in their 50/50 life style.  Personally, I like for the grass to stop growing and the outside work to go away for a while.  "Everybody to their own taste", said the old man when he kissed the cow.  

Spotlight on Ray Clark: Congratulations to Ray on his recent accomplishment.  He is now the newest member of our club selected to display his work at Silver Dollar City.  Ray submitted 5 of his pieces to the committee that selects items for display/sale at the woodworking shop.  All 5 pieces were selected.  So, if you see Ray, shake his hand (gently) and be sure to get his autograph.  It could be worth something someday.  As for the rest of us, this should be a big relief at the Wonders of Wood Show this year.  This will elevate Ray up from beginner to Professional.  I would sure hate to compete against him.  The rest of you professionals will just have to make room at the top.

Boone Home Display: Charles Browning is working with Lindenwood College to get wood carving established as one of the crafts on display at the Daniel Boone Home Historical Site near Defiance, MO.  We discussed the project at the April Business meeting and agreed that it would be good PR for the club and would promote wood carving to the Boone Home visitors.  A tentative date of the first two weeks in May was selected, but that turns out to be too short notice to get members lined up to fill three display cases with good quality items.  Charley will attempt to get a later date.  In the meantime, we need to get items lined up to be used.  Come to the meeting Wednesday, May 3rd, with a list of any items you would be willing to have displayed at the Boone Home Theater for a couple of weeks.  When Charley gets a new date scheduled, we will be ready.  Eventually, some items may be placed in the gift shop for sale, but this initial collection will be for display only.  In addition to the initial display, Charley is working with the Boone home managers to establish carving classes at the site.  As part of that effort, he will be carving a life size Daniel Boone figure over a period of several months. (That would be years if it were me doing the carving)  This should be an interesting process and I will be interested in seeing it succeed.  I encourage you to assist in any way you can on behalf of the club.

MAY DISPLAY CASE - George Schuey

Affiliations:  St. Louis Area Carvers, St Charles Area Woodcarvers, Mid America Woodcarvers Association and National Woodcarvers Association.

Interests:  Carving caricatures and mythical creatures. Projects that are not standard fare in the carving world.

Background:  Lapidary work and rock hunting for twenty years. Dabbled some on painting and sketching. I have been carving about eight years. Wood burning and relief carving are also of interest.

Training:  St. Louis Community College continuing Education. Some time with Harold Enlow.  Three summers at Doane College with Bob Travis, Carlin Honaker and Dave Stetson.  Lots of help and encouragement from friends and fellow club members.

Saturday Carving  Story and pictures by Rainy Woollard

The "meet and eat" group enjoyed the April 8th Saturday carving session. It  was an unusually quiet afternoon of carving and socializing. We really missed John Bouchillon. Could there be some connection???

Sometimes more than carving takes place at the Saturday sessions. Lu Perkov came by and brought some of her jewelry and the embellished shirts that she makes. She is definitely a multitalented woman.

Two young visitors checked us out and were heard saying, "Is that a sweet potato you're carving on?"  Barb and Rainy were busy "yamming it up" and working out details for one of the carving projects for the Spring Campout at Cuiver River May 19-21.  Below, Marry Ann Davisson, one of our newer members in the morning group.

We always have visitors come in to see us but usually not from as far away as  Ireland. Mrs. McGuire (Bill's wife) brought her aunt to the Art Center. She is visiting with them and wanted to see some carvings she had heard about. It  was very nice to meet her.
Happy Birthday Doc, 80 years young
Jean White brought in chicken soup with biscuits for lunch on the 22nd. This home cooking could really spoil our group.  But then, what else could we call them if not the "Meet-n-eat" group.

Doug Woollard has contacted John Engler about conducting a class on relief carving for our club.  The cost would be $75 each if we have 10 people, and around $85 if we only have 8 or 9. Blanks run $15-$20. Class can run from Friday evening thru Sunday. He will take as many as 12 students. Dates open now are May 12 - 14, May 19-21, June 30 - July 2,  and July 7 - 9. August is open.  Two possible patterns are shown. Interest will be determined at the May 3rd meeting.

John Engler Seminar


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