March 2002

Seasoned Eye Group Demonstrates for Students

Juniors and Seniors from the Fort Zumwalt South High School advanced art classes taught by Terri Stroisch took a field trip to our morning Seasoned Eye Group last month. They wanted to get a first hand idea on how to coax a treasure out of a block of wood. Woodcarvers in general, and specifically the woodcarvers in our little group, just love to talk about the hobby. So, we spent the morning showing the group the in's and out's of the hobby. 

We demonstrated how to shave off little bits of wood without shaving anything off our fingers. Gloves and thumb protectors were prominent. Even more so than in our regular group, but don't let that information get out. Several students even took a turn with a knife. It was a little comical, considering the size of their hands verses the size of the loaner gloves and finger protectors we provided. They enjoyed it, however.

The students are getting ready to tackle a class assignment where they design their own project, size it for a specific size piece of wood, and carve it. Their teacher wanted them to learn things they couldn't pick up in class, and she thought they would get a better appreciation for the art of woodcarving by watching people do it. They started with drawing their three dimensional figures, carving them out of soap and will eventually get to the wood. How many of us do you think could pass the class with Mrs. Stroisch. I do good to get a carving done starting with a rough out and a picture of what it's supposed to look like. Well, we can just hope that they picked up a few pointers in the safety department. Fortunately, our cut-ups, Ray Clark and Dudley Jackson, weren't there.

Mrs. Stroisch had visited a group of woodcarvers a year or so ago and enjoyed it so such that she started doing some woodcarving herself. However, few of the students even knew that there was such a thing as a club for woodcarving, much less that there are five (or more) in the St. Louis area.

Spreading the word is one of the prime directives of our club and is so stated in the By-Laws. If you know of a group, class, or anyone else that you think would enjoy joining in, just get in touch with a club officer or invite them to attend a regular club meeting or the morning group.


March Display Case - Charlotte and Stanley Cross

Affiliations: St. Charles Area Woodcarvers, Mid America Woodcarvers, Holzschnitzers Carving Club of Belleville, and The National Woodcarvers Association. 

Background: Red retired from General Motors in 1986 and started carving a few months after that. Charlotte has been carving for about 7 years. They carve mostly in the round, but enjoy relief and chip carving, too. Red took up woodburning to go along with the carving, and taught woodburning at the Cultural Arts Center for two years. A woodburning seminar presented by Cheryl Dow was a great help. Charlotte also wood burns and could teach you a thing or two.
Training: They have taken classes from Cletis Sparks, Walter Schmierbach, Dave Lincoln, John Engler, Don Wilson, Wilbert Brewton, Debbie Edwards, Len Dillon and Gerald Sears. They are regular visitors to the Doane College and Silver Dollar City seminars and are ready for any classes sponsored by the club.

Thoughts: Carving is a great pastime and a hobby where you meet a lot of great people.


Show and Tell

Charlie Mitchell carved these two pieces in Dave Lincoln's class. The Indian (left) and Mountain man (above) were both finished with stain, only.

Russ Sears designed a steady rest for a wood lathe with roller blade bearings. Russ was also into clock making again this month with these two, his latest designs in oak, maple, walnut and other woods from his scrap wood box. 


Charlie Sapp cut out a Missouri State "M" and Tiger with his scroll saw. He added a nice touch by placing it in a nice frame.

The Sailor (Left) was carved by Joyce Fritz and painted with watercolors. 

Jim Leifeld brought in a duck in progress in order to show how the feathering is done. After the meeting he held a  class on doing the final touches. He also wanted to let everyone know that the Duck Club meets every 2nd Sunday at 11 AM at Woodcraft on Olive.

Charles Browning completed a large bear carved in walnut. This is his second such piece and it will be on display at the Daniel Boone Home at Defiance, Missouri. 

Beverly Luecking, our most recent visitor, turned member, brought in her fish carved in a basswood board. Welcome aboard Beverly. Nice job. 

Charles Mitchell has been working on crosses of all descriptions. The one he did in Charles Adams class with the dogwood flowers and John Engler rocks (second row center) got him started and he just couldn't stop. There are some really nice crosses there Charles.


The Rest of the News

New Members: Welcome aboard to our latest new members, Beverly Luecking, Susan Weitz, and Diana Jow. The meeting on the 20th had such a turnout that there was standing room only. Dave Ottinger, who is in the new woodcarving class at the St. Charles West High School and Bob Nesmeyer also visited.

Charlie Sapp sent in our application to the Festival of the Little Hills for the coming summer. He specified the condition that our club would only accept a booth on Main Street. Many members feel that the area we had for our display this past summer was unacceptable. Also, if we pay for a spot, we would be able to sell our wares if any one wants to do so.

Gerald Sears Santa Seminar is still on for July 19-21. Rough outs (which are larger than his average size) will cost $45 or $50 each. The cost for the seminar is $125 and a $50 deposit will be required. A minimum of 10 people is required, with a maximum of 12. We have 10 signed up. Sign up as soon as possible or you may be put on the waiting list.

President Adams suggested that we take a two month period for a woodburning or easy woodcarving project for members interested in water color painting. Shirley Nachtrieb, a watercolor artist at the St. Peters Community and Arts Center, would then teach the painting techniques using our carvings. If you are interested, make sure Charles Adams is aware so he can get the project set up.

Membership report: Jerry Burson will be moving to Manhattan, Kansas. We will continue to see him occasionally, since the distance is not that great. Sorry to see Jerry leave the area. We received a membership renewal from Bill and Evelyn Edwards, who reside in North Carolina. Good to hear from them. Hope the carousel is coming along. Charlie Sapp mentioned that we still have a few members who haven't paid dues for the year 2002. Get your dues to him as soon as you can.

Wilbert Brewton conducted a hands-on project last month. The group started work on a small figure. Wilbert supplied the wood. The project continued through the second meeting of the month. Thanks Wil. We need more of these types of projects.

For Sale: I still have several items left over from the estate sale last month. The large workbench, 58" long x 16" wide - 36" high, with a quick adjust wood vice on the end. Best offer over $50. Two wood vices, small $5 and medium with quick adjust, $10. There is also a workmate adjustable work table/vice. Best offer over $35. Contact me at 636-240-5372 if you are interested in seeing any of the items.

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