March 2000

Prez Seys

The year is off to a good start. It is with pleasure that I can tell you that Charlotte Cross has accepted the position of Chairperson for the Festival of the Little Hills Committee. Charlotte says that everything is all set, but she could use some help on some special tasks. Please see Charlotte and volunteer. On behalf of the club, I thank Charlotte for taking on this job.

Also, I am pleased to announce that a new "Membership Committee" has been formed. Don Wilson has accepted the position of Chairperson for this committee. Some members and myself feel that this committee is vital for the growth and success of our club. The primary focus of this committee will be:  Recruiting new members; Contacting members who have dropped out and urging them to return to the fold; Gently reminding members when they may have forgotten to pay their dues; and acting as host to new members by welcoming, introducing and informing them of the workings of the club. I am sure that Don could use help.  See Don and volunteer for this important work. On behalf of the club, I thank Don for taking on this job.

Thanks to Arnold Fritz for the fish whistle project at our Feb 16th meeting. It was fun and funny to see everyone trying to make their whistle work. Great job, Arnold!

The club needs a "Historian", as we have many successes and good memories to preserve. Our club has been successful and we need to celebrate this by keeping a record. The skills for this position are: organizational skills, communication skills and writing skills (sounds like Lou Perkov would be perfect for this position, lets all pester her to accept).

If you are missing Saturday carving, you are missing lots of fun. See this newsletter for details and come enjoy the fellowship. Barb Smith is the chairperson in charge of the Saturday Carving Sessions.  Thanks to Barb for doing a great job getting it started.  Don Jackson


Carving Night

We had a surprise guest instructor at the carving meeting night last month.  There was no scheduled activity, but during the regular business meeting, Arnold Fritz agreed to conduct a session in carving his little whistle.  He is noted for the varied uses of this technique, and has put a whistle in a variety of things from light houses to this cute little fish.  I was a little worried about where the whistle part was going, but it turned out to be in the mouth end.  This project was a lot of fun, and I'm not just whistling Dixie.

Without a doubt, some of our members are better blowers than others, but I think just about everyone got something out of their whistles.  Thanks, Arnold.



Affiliations: St. Charles Area Woodcarvers Association, National Wood Carvers Association, Mid-America Woodcarvers Association, West County Wood Carvers, St. Louis Area Wood Carvers, Ozark Mountain Woodcarvers, and the Belleville Area Holzschnitzers.

Interest: I have tried just about every type of carving and I seem to enjoy them all.

Background: When I was 10, my Dad gave me a hammer, nails, and a pile of old used lumber.  He said if I was going to have a dog, I had to build him a house.  Sawdust, wood chips and I have had a love affair ever since.

Training: I seem to get advice from just about everyone in the clubs that I belong to.  Examples would be:  Where's your name tag?  If you'd sharpen that knife, you wouldn't have to work so hard.  Find a seat, sit  down, shut up, you sure you don't want $5 worth of 50/50 tickets?  

Beyond training from fellow club members, I have also attended classes with:  Debbie Edwards, Rex Branson, Wilbert Brewton, Sheldon White, Jeff Phares, Marlen Downing, and Greg Wilkerson.


This and That

We had excellent response last month for members to take the display case.  One more responsible individual and we can wrap up the year 2000.  Any takers?  The current line-up is:  April - Chong Kim; May - George Schuey; June - Ernie Waren; July - Joyce and Arnold Fritz; August - Don Jackson; September - Bill Maguire; October - Wonders of Wood Show Blue Ribbon Winners; November - John Bouchillon; December - Your name here

One of our new members is interested in tapping the store of knowledge in the club and would like to talk to anyone that is knowledgeable in dogs.  Specifically, the Boykin Spaniel.  If any one has any information, contact Jerry Hendler, 636.278.3855.

Bert Schafer sends his regards from sunny Florida.  He is attending the Tampa Woodworking Show in the sunny South.  I'm afraid that all of our Snow Bird Members have spent a lot of money this year to get out of snow that didn't happen.  Geeeee.  That's too bad, Bert.

I know it is a little early but you know how it is when you have CRS. (Can't Remember S???).  Anyway the Spring Campout at Cuivre River State Park is May 19,20,21.  Make your plans.  Barb Smith

Finally, one of our members continues to kick butt and he doesn't even bother to take names.  Jim Leifeld has won the local Rocklers Woodworker Store woodcarving contest.  His Pair of Mallards took Intermediate Best of Show and Peoples Choice in our 1998 Wonders of Wood Show and some other significant awards around the area.  Good luck Jim.  They can take the Rocklers national, too. 


Saturday Carving

Saturday carving continues to be a fun activity.  We were treated to a surprise lunch of vegetable soup and corn bread at the February 19th session.   Not to mention pineapple cake, pecan cake, and other goodies.  Do you think the attendees are getting a little tired of my Mr. Goodsense sandwiches?  Anyway, we generally have a group of about 15 to 20 each time and it never fails to be a fun event.  There has been a promise of potato soup at the March 4th session.  Doug Woollard, who is world famous for his ho-made chili, has hinted that he will be bringing in some potato soup.  I don't know how his soup is, but if the chili is any indication, it would be to die for.

Must have been pretty good. Not much left.
In previous years, we have had structured sessions with carving leaders or instructors.  So far this year, it has been open carving where everyone does their own thing.  This seems to be working out fine.  However, if you have a favorite project and would be willing to lead a session, bring it up at a meeting to see how many are interested and how many blanks will be needed.  Or, contact Barb Smith, our Saturday Carving Chairperson, for help in getting the details ironed out.  Sessions this month are on the 4th and 18th.  The 18th is the Saturday following the week of the Branson rendezvous.  We have a lot of members who attend, so that Saturday will be a little lite.  Make it a point to come out and keep the fun rolling.
That Gerald Sears must have a wearied sense of humor to get these little faces like this.

Carve it first, then burn it.  Carve first, then burn.  Is that something like green side up?
Good job Charlotte

Doug is still making Santa's.
Lots and lots of Santa's.

Jean White sees a Santa in her future, also.

Sue Jackson likes roses, however.  
Maybe she hasn't been a good little girl.


Notes on Finishing

There are a lot of different ways to finish your carvings.  Some are personal preferences.  Some are truly better than others.  The final choice is yours based on how your carvings look and appeal to you.  I usually antique my carvings with a 50/50 mixture of boiled linseed oil and semi-gloss polyurethane.  I tint the mixture with a dab of burnt umber and sometime add some burnt or raw sienna to change the color slightly. This is the same method that Rainy and Doug have published before, but warrants repeating.  I would caution you to use very little of the burnt umber. Start out with about a 1" ribbon to a pint of boiled Linseed oil and adjust the color from there.  You can use an old blender to mix the antiquing solution. Works great and should cost $2.00 or $3.00 if you can find one at a garage sale or free if you have an old one in your basement junk supply.

Another way that is very pleasant to use over acrylic paint is to spray with a clear finish. I use three coats of Deft semi-gloss wood finish and buff with a brown paper bag between coats.  You can antique with a light wood stain to cover all parts that you want antiqued and wipe it off immediately to the shade you want. Then spray the whole carving with a final coat of the semi- gloss finish. 

Give these a try.  If it improves your carvings, it will be worth the effort.


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