June 2002


Upcoming Events - Get Ready

The Wonders of Wood Show is scheduled for this September 21st and 22nd. Everyone needs to start getting their assigned jobs organized and the preliminary work identified and started. September sounds like a long time away, but it will be upon us sooner then you think. We still have several openings for helpers. We need someone who can get out to the local radio and TV stations to check on any free advertising. We also need someone to take charge of distributing information and advertising to other area carving clubs and merchants. We will also need help putting up the banners and signs on the day of the show. Anyone who would be willing to take charge of these jobs, contact me, John Bouchillon, at 636-240-5372, or see me at the meeting. 

Before we get to the Wonders of Wood Show, we need to start thinking about the Festival of the Little Hills, August 16-18. If the location is improved this year, we will be hosting our usual booth there. You need to clear some time to help man our booth and locate some carvings or other items for display there. Last year, we had a much better display than in previous years. Having everyone take their own works down for display during their stay at the booth just didn't provide a representative display. We have a lot of good carvers in the club and there is a lot of room in the booth to fill. So, we need to have a good supply of items on hand for display during the full two day show. Individuals can still take additional carvings to show, but you won't have to man the booth with nothing but your own works on the shelf. Pick out some of your carvings that you are willing to loan the club and lets knock their eyes out at the Festival. There will be more information on the collection of items in the next newsletter.


May Display Case - Don and Dee Kley

Affiliations: St. Charles Area Woodcarvers, National Wood Carvers Association, Belleville Holzschnitzers and Mid America Wood Carvers.

Residence: St. Louis County & Venice FL in the winter.

Background: Don - Retired from McDonnell Douglas.  Dee - Retired Hazelwood Teacher. Carving has been a fulfilling hobby for 7 years.

Awards: St. Charles Area Woodcarvers Annual show ribbons.

Training: Seminars and help from fellow carvers have taught Don and Dee to improve their skills. 

Thoughts: The carving group is an extended family.


Show and Tell

Barb Smith brought in three wood burned pieces. A colorful child scene with fox kits painted with acrylic inks, and two clocks. 


George Schuey brought in three pieces: An oriental monk, the comic strip character Jiggs, and a man with his donkey, entitled "Friends". 

They were carved in basswood and finished with acrylics and minwax.


Ray Noble, a new member, showed this nice bird.

Charles Mitchell completed a Stu Martin roughout of an Indian. It is sealed with a wax finish.  

Dudley Jackson showed his Santa ornament which he painted with water colors. He must be getting ready for Christmas early this year. Or, is he late for last year?


Tom Henke carved a 1950's girl in a flowing skirt with detail including the stocking line down the back of the leg. 

He completed a beach scene with two older people entitled "There's Always Hope". 

The third was a Ronnie Reed roughout caricature of a woman.  It is painted with acrylics. 


Bob Craven , one of our new members has been busy. He completed these three carvings and did a very good job on them. 

Keep up the good work Bob.


Charles Browning carved a large pelican out of his favorite wood, Walnut. 

He brought it in to show before delivering it to it's final "roosting" place. 

Charles Sapp carved a cute little rabbit with a raffia neck piece. I think he said it was the Easter Bunny . Or, was it hasenpfeffer. 


The Rest of the News

Gerald Sears Santa Seminar is scheduled for July 19-21. We only had 8 signed up last month, so we opened it up to other area clubs. We must have the full 10 confirmed students by June 15th. (12 are preferred) Call Charles Adams to get on the list, 636-537-3370. Don't make Gerald wait until the last minute to get the rough outs made. This will be a great seminar and you can get ready for Christmas a little early for a change. The seminar will be held at the O'Fallon Art Center. The cost is $125 and the rough out is $45-50. There is no additional charge for the O'Fallon Art Center. 

Our Spring Carve Out is June 22nd at the Ft. Zumwalt Park pavilion. Since we no longer have regular carving on Saturday, this will be one of our few opportunities to participate in this fun activity. Don't forget to mark this day on your calendar. Be thinking about your options for the pot luck dinner. We will discuss the options more at the meetings this month. The more the merrier.

From the Wagon master: It's time to camp. The Holzschnitzers campout is June 7-8-9. Don't forget the new location. Any questions? Give me a call at 314-843-6244. Bob Biermann.

New members: We picked up four more new members last month: Jim Metzger, Phil Burgess, Ray Noble and Fred Volansky. Jim and Phil usually attend our morning Seasoned Eye Group, but could easily show up some night. If you see any of these characters, step up and give them a hardy Welcome aboard.

Our Sergeant at Arms has been transferred to another city and we need a replacement. The duties of the Sergeant at Arms is primarily to check members to make sure they have their name tag displayed prominently on their person. If not, then collect the 25 cent fine. This is a great way to meet the members and add a little spice to the meetings. It's fun to see members scurrying to find their tags before they have to fork up the quarter. Take a crack at this fun job.

Girl Scout Camp: We have a continuing need for carvers to demonstrate carving and show what can be done in the hobby. A girl scout leader attended the meeting last month to ask us for help teaching woodcarving basics to her 15 girl day camp group. She needs help 2 mornings this month. If you are interested, contact Charles Mitchell, 636-947-1987, for dates and details. She will work her schedule around to accommodate any one who will be able to help.

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