June 2000

Prez Seys

     I would like to thank the Rockler Woodworker Store for their generous donation of the Power Carver and the Book on Bird Carving for the raffle at the last meeting. The Power Carver was won by Stan “Red” Cross.  The Bird Carving Book was won by George Schuey. See what happens when you miss a meeting? You never know it’s always a surprise. I hope to see all of you at the next meeting.
     At the last meeting Don Bosley gave a seminar on carving a “Cancer Survivor Ribbon”.  Don furnished the cut outs and drawings. Much fun was had by all.  Thank you Don for all your hard work and your knowledge and fellowship. There are several people in our club who have or have had cancer, so this was especially appropriate and heart felt. Well done, Don!
     Charles Adams is the Chairperson for the “Carving Projects Committee” so if you have any projects you would like to do, or would like to help in any way, please tell Charles. We are looking forward to the projects coming from this committee.
     I would like to remind you that the first meeting in June is the deadline to display your carvings at the Daniel Boone Home. Please bring any carvings that you would like to display to the meeting.   Charles Browning will collect and transport them. Charles is the Chairperson for this Committee. This is a good opportunity to let people know about our club and for the people displaying carvings to gain some personal recognition for their talents. I urge you to participate. On behalf of the club, I thank Charles for all the work he has put in on this project.
     Sue and I were unable to attend the spring camp out, but I hear that a good time was had by all.   In addition to the carving seminars held by Barb Smith and the feast for dinner, Billy Lee and his friend Phil Peters provided Blue Grass music.  On behalf of the club I thank you both for the music and fellowship.
     I regret to inform you that Ray Clark is ill. Ray you have our prayers and best wishes. We wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you at the club when you recover.         Regards, Don Jackson

This and That

Boone Home Display: Charles Browning continues his work with Lindenwood College to get wood carving established as one of the crafts on display at the Daniel Boone Home Historical Site near Defiance, MO.  A new date for the display of our work has been selected.  It will be the two weeks following the first June meeting. This will be good PR for the club and our members who decide to display there.  It will also promote wood carving to the many Boone Home visitors.  Bring your items to the meeting Wednesday, June 7th. We have three large display cases to fill with high quality carvings. They will be on display in the Boone Home Theater for approximately the following two weeks and returned to you at the first meeting after the display.  Eventually, some items could be placed in the gift shop for sale but this initial collection will be for display only.

Engler Seminar: Doug Woollard has completed the planning for the John Engler Seminar on relief carving.  The dates are 25-27 August.  As of now, it is full.  If you are not signed up, but are interested in taking the seminar, you might contact Doug and inquire about getting on a waiting list.

Doane Experience:  There is still space available for anyone that would like to attend Doane this year. You can even join now and still be able to attend.  Don't know what classes are available. If anyone is interested, call Sherry LaTendressse from the Mid America Woodcarvers at 402-731-3365.

Project Committee:  Through the efforts of our new Project Committee Chairperson, Charles Adams, we are starting a more active lineup of projects for carving nights.  Last year, President Doug Woollard was instrumental in designating the second meeting of each month as project night to give members more time for instruction and carving.  This year, President Don Jackson expanded the idea by establishing the Project Committee to help make better use of this time.  Charles was designated chairperson and he is working with various club members to develop new projects. From what I see, some very interesting and instructive sessions are in the making.  A more detailed listing of projects will be available later.

Member Spotlight:  Results of the St. Charles County Golden Games competition: Charlene McMenamy won Gold medals in the 5K bike ride, 10K bike ride, 5K Race Walk, 1500M Race Walk, 400M Race Walk and 100M back stroke swim. She also won Silver in 8 other swim events and the 100M Dash.  Charlene is a big supporter of the games and consistently wins a fist full of ribbons.  Good job Charlene.


JUNE DISPLAY CASE - Dr. N. L. "Doc" Claybourn

Affiliations:  St Charles Area Woodcarvers, Mid America Woodcarvers Association and The National Woodcarvers Association.

Interests:  Carving in the round in general, and caricatures in particular.  My favorite projects are those which do not depict the standard view of my world.

Background:  I was a practicing physician for 47 years, but I gave up practicing when I finally got it right and no longer found practice necessary. I have only been a practicing wood carver for 35 years and I find that it is still necessary to practice at that.

Training:  I have taken classes from almost everyone in the carving community. Some favorites are Desiree Hajny, Jeff Phares, Harold Enlow, Debbie Edwards, Dave Stetson, and Claude Bolton, but there were too many to name here.

Advice:  The first six years of your wood carving experience should be spent honing your tool sharpening skills and the remaining time spent practicing, practicing, practicing.


Carving Ribbons with Don Bosley
The project last month was carving a Cancer Survivor Ribbon.   Jerry Burson, Rainy Woollard and Chris Clinckhardt are intently carving on their ribbons. Chris and Jerry are recent graduates of the woodcarving class at St. Charles West.  Welcome to you both.  Thanks to Don for a great project.


Show and Tell

Chong Kim brought in his wonderful bird again.  It wasn't finished as I said it would be in the last newsletter.  He fooled me and carved it a mate.  It was equally detailed and just as delightfully carved.  I won't venture a guess about him finishing them this month.  There may be a whole flock of those birds out there somewhere.  Nice job Chong.

Charley Sapp brought in his mountain man.  This was his project in the St. Charles West carving class.  His instructor, Don Wilson, assured us that he started with a log and not a rough out.  I will assure you that it was a great piece of work.  Nice going, Charley.


Spring Campout

The Spring Campout was a great success again this year.  Although there were only three official campers, 21 attended the Saturday carving program and more came for the evening festivities.  The project was an interesting little cross decorated with Dogwood blossoms.  Barb Smith brought the wood for the cross and the potatoes for the Yam Dankey carving.  We have some twisted folks in our group.  

Every one thought it was pretty cold, setting out there communing with Nature, but for me, it was just Perrrrrfect.

That fire was a welcome sight for most.  Lynn Nash was the official fire chair person :-) and kept it roaring hot.  I'm sure all you reptilian cold bloods would like to extend your thanks to her for this effort. Another vote of thanks should be given to Don and Dee Kley, who had an inexhaustible supply of coats and hats in their camper.

Red, however, brought his own hat.  His only problem was trying to carve his yam.  He never likes to play with his food.

However, Arnold and Joyce Fritz and Father Al  always come well prepared.  Their own table, chairs, hats, candy, and who knows what else is available in times of need.

Other campers come prepared, also.  You never know what you will find in their tool bags.  Meet Skittles, the newest member of the Smith family.
The entertainment part of the camp out took a turn for the "Verse" this year. Billy Lee and his friend Phil Peters provided some great Blue Grass music for our enjoyment.  Billy had a band called the Tune Twisters for 16 years and has played in bands since he was eight years old.  He now plays only for his own amazement.  Phil, likewise, has played for many years.  He currently has a band that plays every Tuesday at Hatfields and McCoys on the Rock Road, the third Thursday of the month in St. Peters, and many musical events all over Missouri and nearby states.  Both built their own instruments and Billy has over 40 to his credit.


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