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July 1999 
Greetings from the Editor
We are still looking for ways to make our meetings and club functions more entertaining and instructive. Doug has made some great changes to the meeting format to give more time for carving. Other ideas include having a "Carver of the Month" competition. Members bring in their latest work for show and tell and we vote on our favorite carving. The friendly competition is intended as a stimulation for the newer carvers in the club to encourage them. Another idea would be to draw three or four tickets when we do 50/50, and have them bring their most recent project to the next meeting. It would be better to have the new members get more involved, but all members should be encouraged to share their carvings with the group. Any comments?

Wonders of Wood Show

This year will be our 10th Anniversary. It would be good to do something special. Unique promotion opportunities? Unforgettable prize offerings? Possibly a group effort in carving a raffle item. Ideas are needed and each of you should think about things that can be done. June was the kickoff month for beginning the organization required to conduct the show. Get your plans together early and decide if you want table space this year. We are very tight on space, so don’t wait until August to decide. Complete the enclosed application form and get it to Dee if you haven’t done so. Spaces will be assigned based on previous year locations. Changes and new participants will be assigned on a first come – first served basis. Please don’t make Chairperson Dee wait and wonder how many tables are needed. You may come out on the short end of the stick.

Cuivre River Campout – Spring 1999 by Barb Smith

We began arriving at the Cuivre River campground Thursday morning. Red & Charlotte Cross and myself were the first to arrive. We staked out the spots needed for the overnight campers. We lucked out again this season and got the campsites we wanted. Soon after that, Garald & Coke Hook and Dee and Don Kley arrived. That afternoon Arnold & Joyce Fritz and Tom & Linda Henke stopped by to visit and carve. The early arrivals just take it easy and enjoy the camping, carving, and communing with Nature.

Friday, Arnold & Joyce and Al Konopka brought their motor home up to camp for the rest of the weekend. Garald Hook came up with the project for all of us. I am sure we all want to give him a big thank you for his efforts. He went the extra mile with his bag of "things" to carve. Saturday, John Bouchillon, Doug & Lorraine Woollard, Don & Sue Jackson and Gus Tresch came up for the day. Lana and Roy Bouchillon made it up for the evening festivities (err, Food as we call it) Bill & Evelyn Edwards and Sheldon White also made it up for a short time Saturday to see what all the fuss was about.

I almost forgot, we had special visitors Friday and Saturday. Sam and Susan Turtle consented to model for the group. Garald included a turtle blank in his bag of tricks, so he persuaded them to participate with us as live models. Susan agreed to do it in the nude, but Sam vetoed the idea. He thought they wouldn’t really be nude, just homeless.

Saturday evening we had an excellent pot luck supper. As usual the food was great. I think we should stop calling this event a Pot Luck supper. It is anything but luck and never comes in just one pot. How about Pots Skill Supper. As opposed to Road Kill Supper as suggested by Red. Thanks to all. Good job!

Woodburning Seminar Saturday

Don’t forget the woodburning seminar this Saturday. We will not be having a meeting before then, so this will be your last notice. Cheryl Dow, writer of the woodburning column in Chip Chats, conducted a seminar in Belleville several months ago. Barb Smith, Red Cross and Sheldon White took her class and returned with some really nice pieces. They will pass the techniques they learned along to our members in a Saturday session at the Art Center, July 3rd. Bring your woodburning set. The only cost will be the usual $2 rent for the Art Center.

Gerald Sears Seminar

The Gerald Sears seminar is getting closer. We still need a few people to get to the minimum required. This will be an instructive seminar and interesting as well. Gerald is a very creative carver and offers many different subjects to choose from. Don’t miss this opportunity to hone your carving skills. It is scheduled for Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday, August 13th, 14th., & 15th.. We have the downstairs room at the Art Center reserved. Gerald can handle up to 15 carvers. The cost will be $100.00, which includes your first blank, plus $2 per day per person for the Art Center. Additional blanks will be available. Costs vary. Contact Doug at 831-7590 to reserve a spot or see him at the meeting on the 7th.

 Member Spotlight

  Don & Ann Bosley

The figures are caught within the wood and have only to be set free, woodcarver Don Bosley of St. Charles says. American Indians and mountain men with the wisdom of the ages etched in their faces have been released from the wood under Don's knife. His works include a group of golfers dressed as clowns as they confront a gopher in a hole. The heads of baseball players are carved into bottle stoppers, their homely expressions reminiscent of cartoon characters.

Wood carvings are exhibited everywhere in the Bosley's St. Charles home. The front and back doors of the house and the swinging doors in the kitchen are made of basswood with delicate relief carved panels. Small busts, animals and action scenes, with both dramatic and comic overtones, are displayed on shelves and in cabinets. "Frogs Don't Ever Give Up" is a carving of a stork with a hapless frog in his mouth. A dozen "practice faces" are mounted on a walking stick. All in all, Don said he has carved more than 300 pieces out of bark, mahogany, walnut, pecan and butternut.

He has won numerous awards at wood-carving shows in McAllen, Texas, Burlington, Iowa, and Silver Dollar City, among others. He has studied with well-known woodcarvers around the country and teaches beginning wood-carving classes. He carves on Monday and Wednesday mornings with the St. Charles Area Woodcarvers at the St. Peters Cultural Arts Center. Don's current project is a life-size Indian mounted on a pedestal. It is carved out of 500-pound basswood log that a friend left in his front yard as a Christmas gift some 15 years ago.

Don was born in Mattoon, IL. He recalled that as a child, he was artistically inclined and spent a great deal of time painting. He wanted to go to art school but instead served in the Army Air Corps on a troop carrier command that took him across this country, Okinawa and the Philippine islands. He went back into the service for 18 months during the Korean War and was stationed at a base in Champaign, IL, where he was put in charge of the hobby shop. There he was introduced to wood carving. "I really took to it. With painting, I didn't ever know when to stop, but in woodcarving you stop or you end up with a toothpick," he said. He served an apprenticeship as a sign painter in the late 1940s and early 1950. He worked 40 years at McDonnell Aircraft and retired in 1983. The Bosleys have two sons and a daughter.

What Don hasn't carved, his wife Ann has. Ann took up carving as a hobby when she signed up for a beginners carving class in Texas when the couple was there for a carving workshop for Don. They have traveled the country in their RV entering shows, selling their work, taking seminars and absorbing local folk art. Among Ann’s creations are an old German castle taken from a post-card, a pair of delicate ladies' slippers and walking sticks. Ann mounted some 200 of her husband's red, white and blue ribbons on a pole. Even though she defers to her husband as the woodcarver of the family, Ann is clearly proud of her own ribbon pole. "I mounted my own ribbons after someone remarked how nice it was that I was sitting beside his," she recalled.

Don said that wood carving has been the best of avocations, especially for someone who can't work for long periods because of a heart condition. "It has taken my wife and I to every state in the country except Alaska and Minnesota," he said. "And it has kept me from a lot of meanness.

Extracted from St. Charles Post article June 28, 1999

July Display Case - Charlotte Cross
Affiliations: St. Charles Area Woodcarvers, National Wood Carvers Association and Mid America Wood Carvers.
Interests: Relief carving, chip carving, "In the Round" carving and woodburning.
Background: I have been carving for about 5 years.
Awards: Various ribbons at local shows.
Training: Club seminars and Debbie Edwards seminar.

Wilbert does St. Andrew

Wil Brewton, an accomplished carver and teacher lead the club in carving a figure of St. Andrew at the June 16th carving meeting. A dozen or more members participated in the session. It was an interesting project and enjoyed by all. Wilbert is a Life member of the club and teaches carving at Woodcraft and other places in the area. The project for next month will be name tags. Barb Smith and John Bouchillon will have blanks and patterns available along with the necessary hardware to make name tags. Bring your woodburner to the meeting

Upcoming Events and Activities

July 3rd Saturday woodburning seminar with Barb Smith, Red Cross and Sheldon White. There will not be a meeting before the seminar, so mark your calendar NOW!

July 7 Regular monthly business meeting.

July 21Regular monthly carving meeting. Subject: Barb Smith and John Bouchillon do wood burning and painting name tags. Bring your wood burner.

August 13-15 Gerald Sears weekend carving seminar. Sign up NOW!

September 18-19 Wonders of Wood Show. Get your table reservations NOW!

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