July 2001


What a great new facility!!! The new St. Peters Community and Arts Center is a definite step up from the old place. More space, better facilities, and wonderful atmosphere. The new display case for our monthly display is larger and it's easier to see the carvings. The new tables are lighter and easier to handle. Parking has increased from 27 to 145 spaces. There should be no problem getting a parking place now. It's a little further for most of you to travel, but well worth the additional time. Come on out and take a peek.

Attention!! Aufmerksamkeit!! Atención!! Attenzione!!
No meeting July 4th!!!!

Due to the Independence Day holiday, 
the first Wednesday meeting for July is canceled.

Let me take this opportunity to wish each of you and your family a wonderful and safe holiday.

Festival of the Little Hills Display:  Don't forget about the items for display at the Festival of the Little Hills, August 18 and 19. Due to the July 4th holiday, we only have 3 meetings left to get the items to Don Wilson before the Festival. Don asked that we get those items to him so they can be on display at the start of the festival and stay all the way through to the end. He is collecting items for permanent retention by the club and also items for display at the festival only. Please, don't let our club look like the rag-tag bunch of non-carvers that it did last year. If you can't make it to the July 18th meeting, let Don know, (636-928-2404), and arrange to get them picked up.


Show and Tell

Charlene McMenamy completed the eagle she had in progress last month. Although it has been installed on its final perch and was unavailable to bring in to the meeting, Charlene had some pictures showing the final product. 

It's a great piece and a worthy effort. Good job Charlene.


Charlotte Cross completed a great plaque from the Troutman Seminar at Silver Dollar City in February.


Charles Adams had his latest works. They included a Santa figure, a bark spirit face, and a cross. 


July Display Case
Don and Ann Bosley

Affiliations: National Wood Carvers Association, Mid America Wood Carvers, St. Charles Area Woodcarvers and Rio Grande Valley Woodcarvers.

Residence: St. Charles (Permanent Residence) and Rio Grande Valley, November Through March

Exhibits: They have exhibited at Silver Dollar City, Davenport, Rio Grande Valley Show, Chip O’ Texas Show and various libraries, banks and art shows.

Background: Retired machinist for McDonnell Aircraft Co. I began woodcarving as a hobby in the 50s and continued as a hobby and avocation after retirement. I have been teaching woodcarving for the past 10 years in the St. Louis area and the Rio Grande Valley.

Awards: They have entered woodcarving shows and exhibitions all over the Midwest and in the Rio Grande Valley and have won numerous accolades, ribbons and trophies.

Training: Basically, Don is self taught, but attended seminars and studied under many well known Midwest and Southern craftsmen. Ann began carving when she attended a beginners class while Don was taking an advanced seminar in Texas. They have traveled to all states except Alaska and Minnesota in their RV, following their hobby - avocation.


The Rest of the News

The Spring Carve-out was a great success. The pavilion at Ft. Zumwalt Park in O'Fallon is a great place for carving. There are tables to use, or you can bring your regular chairs. Rest rooms are very close. There isn't any electricity, but everyone brought cold food. I live very close and was able to transport a hot dish to round out the evening fair. There were about 10 carvers there and we had a great time. We will continue with the outing there. I was able to reserve the pavilion for the Fall Carve-out and we are scheduled for October 20th. This will take the place of our regular Saturday carving day. Mark your calendar.

Rainmaker Campout: The spring campout is over and weather wise it could not have been better. The days were just right and it cooled off a little in the evening to make it good for sleeping. We filled up 14 campsites with a total of 32 people present. We had 20 people who did the carving project. Everyone did real well and almost completed the project. Everyone worked hard to get to that point though.

Jean and Dorothy Browning were unable to make the campout this year. Jean wasn't feeling well. We sure did miss the troublemaker! I know Dennis Browning missed his aunts, he had to cook for himself and he was eating out of paper plates, but I don't think he went hungry. I'm happy to report that Jean Browning is feeling better and hope to see Jean and Dorothy at the fall Campout. 

The Fall Project will be a square board without the bark.

The fall campout is set for October 5-6 at Rainmaker. Barb Smith is going to give us a class on Woodburning. It looks like it will be a good project. If you want to take part in the class, let me know in advance so she has time to get things together. If you aren't interested in the woodburning class, join us anyway and bring something to carve.

We discussed trying another campground next year, a place called Pin Oak Creek. It is off Hwy 44 on Hwy AT in Villa Ridge, MO. There will be more information as it gets closer to the dates next year. Hope to see you in the fall at Rainmaker.


Gerald Sears Seminar: There are still several spaces left for the Gerald Sears seminar July 20-22. Cost is $100 plus rent and blanks. To get on the list, contact Charlotte Cross at (636) 397-6150 or e-mail at This seminar will replace the regular Saturday carving session scheduled for July 21st.  Carving will begin Friday evening around 6 PM and go from 9 to 5 Saturday and Sunday.  

The John Engler Seminar scheduled for August 24-26 is full. Get on the waiting list if you are interested. There is usually a drop-out or two and you may luck out. See Don Wilson to get on the waiting list. 

Festival of the Little Hills Sign-up: There are still some open slots for manning the club booth at the Festival, August 18 and 19. We need at least two people for all time slots, and three are preferred. It's a fun time and there are lots of interesting people to talk to. This is where we get many of our new members. Get on the list to do your part to promote the club and introduce new people to the art of woodcarving.

Wonders of Wood fund raiser: In May, we approved the use of 50/50 tickets as a fund raiser for the show. The tickets are being printed and will be available at the July 18th meeting. They will be arranged in books of six tickets. They are to be sold for $5 a book or individual tickets for $1 each. Members are requested to take some books and sell as many as possible. We are in uncharted waters on expenses this year and may need all the help we can get. The cost of the show is still undetermined as is the cost of other related activities such as copy services. If we can sell a sufficient number of the tickets, it will make financing the show easier. Help assure the success of this major club function by assisting in the selling of the tickets.

In the past, the show chairperson squeezed every penny possible out of the cost by begging, borrowing, soliciting prizes and other means known only to her. To date we still do not have an official chairperson. We need someone to step up and assume the roll of Show Co-chairperson. What have you done for your club today?

New Rent: Due to some changes in funding for the Arts Center, rent for the twice monthly evening meetings may be changed to an hourly rate. In anticipation of this, we have elected to raise the individual rent from $1 to $2 per night. The money will be kept by the club and the hourly rate paid to the Center. If a sufficient number of members attend the meetings, the club will pocket the excess. If not, it will pay the difference. Hopefully, this will result in a few extra dollars coming in, but in either case, it will simplify the rent situation. Rent for the morning carving group will remain the same, because the Center is normally open for business at that time.

Support your local Art Center: There are a lot of changes coming down the pike at the Art Center. President Adams stressed the importance of supporting the Center. Toward that end, we approved the club joining the group "Friends of the Art Center". If at all possible, each of you are also encouraged to join the group. It is a small donation and will help assure we are able to continue to benefit from our Symbiotic relationship. Bottom line is that any other location would provide more problems than it would solve.


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