January 2001

Saturday Carving:  The status of Saturday carving at the Art Center was a little uncertain toward the end of last year.  However, Barb Smith submitted the 2001 dates and they were approved. They are the Saturdays following each of our monthly meetings. This month, they are January 6 and 20. 

I discussed Saturday carving with the Art Center and they assured me that we would be able to conduct them this year.  The new building is still scheduled to be available and plans and blueprints are being drooled over as I type this.  Sure will be a big improvement.  The new building will be available to us once the change has been made. 

This activity will depend on having enough participation to make it worthwhile.  Our last Saturday was a little short and we don't know exactly what level of participation it will require.  This is a fun activity and I highly recommend it.  Try to make your plans to attend.  I'm sure you won't be sorry.  The more attending, the more likely it will be that they will continue.  We can have food, planned projects, seminars, or just a fun day carving.  

Dues Time:  It's that time again.  Get your dues to Charles Sapp as soon as possible.  If you receive a mailed version of the newsletter, check the number on your mailing label to determine your status.  Electronic newsletter recipients are on your own.  Please make the effort to let Charles close the books on 2001 dues.

Get the news flowing:  Most of our activities are curtailed due to the holidays and we don't get together except for the Christmas party.  So, the news is a little short this month.  But, we are starting a new year.  There are lots of changes on the horizon:  A new building, new officers, and new things to accomplish.  Lets make the most of it.  Get your ideas, suggestions, stories and articles for the newsletter to me or to a club officer.  Help make your club better and more beneficial to all its members.



Affiliations:  St Charles Area Woodcarvers, The National Woodcarvers Association, and Mid-America Woodcarvers Association

Interests: My main interest has been chip carving, low relief carving and wood burning.

Training:  Carving classes with Cletis Sparks and Don Wilson at St
Charles High School.  Seminars at Doane college with Len Dillon and Orchid Davis and flute making with John Davis. I have also taken wood burning classes with Barb Smith and continue to be interested in chip carving. I also get tips from many of the talented members of the club in every type of carving. 


Christmas Party - 2000

The Christmas party was a great success again this year. The food was great as always and no one I saw left hungry. Oh, Contraire'! Some of us didn't have to visit a table for several days. Lu Perkov brought out the Christmas spirit with her songs and the sequel to last years Woodcarvers Night Before Christmas.  She didn't get a copy to me, so you who missed the party will just have to wonder what might have been said about you.  I hope you can arrange your schedule next year and join in on the festivities with the rest of us. Besides the excellent food and entertainment, the camaraderie was par excellence.
I was a little remiss in getting pictures of the festivities this year, but I did learn a valuable lesson.  Don't ever let any member whom I have caught in a relaxed or compromising moment, look at, borrow, or otherwise finger my camera.  Since the news is a little short this month, I'll share the results of Charlotte Cross's contrivance at pretending to admire the camera. Thanks, Charlotte.  I really don't think your effort looks much like me, but keep trying.  You'll get the hang of taking pictures eventually.


New Woodburning Pattern

Here is one of the benefits of getting your newsletter electronically.  Sometimes I get "stuff" that I just can't fit into the printed version of the newsletter.  Case in point is this great woodburning Santa submitted by Sue Jackson.  I have taken her picture and created a tracing pattern for you to use.  

Click the Pattern section and go to Sue Jackson - Woodburn Santa.  It contains the printable version of the tracing pattern and a larger copy of this finished picture to print as a go-by.

Please excuse the long download time.  I kept the pictures at their highest resolution to give you the best possible version to use as your tracing pattern and go-by picture.



Upcoming Events and Activities

January 2001

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January 3 Regular monthly business meeting
January 6 Saturday Carving, 9 to 3
January 17 Regular carving meeting.  No planned project.
January 20 Saturday Carving, 9 to 3

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