January 2000

Greetings from the Editor

Since you are reading this, we must assume that the world didn't end at the stroke of midnight on December 31st.  Hopefully, everyone still has their computers up and running.  Most of all, here's hoping we all still have plenty of food and water and enough money to buy wood and carving tools.  I admit that I did take the time to back up my computer files and update my virus protection package before the big night, but I didn't take out all my money, stock pile food and water, install generators or sell my stocks.  Of course, since I am writing this before the big day, I can only hope that I am not inserting my foot where only black-eyed peas and hog jowl should be placed.

I am also hoping each of you had a marvelous Christmas with good health and happiness, and that Santa Claus was kind to you. Here's also wishing you the happiest and most productive new year ever.  Don't fall for that "New Millennium Next Year" junk.  The real Millennium actually started about 4 or more years ago.  The actual year 1 was recalculated some time back and found to be closer to the years 4 to 8 B.C.  So, since the start of the 2000 years is a mystery, we can only celebrate the change of the 1 to 2 in the date.  So I hope you celebrated and are ready to do the Y2K thing.  By the way, if you think the Y2K problem was bad, you should have been there for the Y1K problem -- Vikings!

I have rambled enough, so lets get on with the business at hand.  We have to select new officers, vote on the new By-Laws, and pay those 2000 dues at the January 5th meeting.  So, think about which office you could run for, read the By-Laws that were in the December newsletter, and air out the old check book.  Here's looking to see you on the 5th.



Interest:  Carving in the Round, Wood Spirits, and Chip Carving

St. Charles High School Woodcarving class, Gerald Sears Seminar, lots of video tapes, books and trial and error

Affiliations: St. Charles Area Woodcarvers and National Wood Carvers Association.  

Awards:  Wonders of Wood novice and intermediate class ribbons

Background:  Engineer at Boeing. Wood worker for over thirty years. Started carving about three years ago.


The WOODCARVER’S  Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas 
    and all through the house
Cletis was carving
   it was not a mouse!
A half-hour hummer
   don’t you ever believe..
It takes years to complete
   from your job take a leave!

Arnold was nestled
   all snug in his bed
while visions of Joyce
   danced in his head,
Their carvings were placed
   by the chimney with care
in hopes the grandchildren
   would soon find them there.

At the Cultural Arts Center 
   there rose such a clatter
There was not a doubt
   of what was the matter
when Red made the coffee
   my gosh it was strong!
No one could sleep
   not the whole darn night long

So Charlotte carved bridges 
   they were covered, and all,
and Ernie made faces
   on each dimpled golf ball.

Twas way long past midnight 
   and oh what a sight.
Dave carved nine Indians
with each detail right.

Sue’s little mouth
   was drawn up in a bow
with her miniature house
   decorated just so----
But she could not sleep
   and neither could Don
So they made some phone calls 
   to pass the plight on.

Chic heard the phone ring
   Jessie heard it too
What are answering machines for? 
   So they ignored poor Sue.

Rainy was trying 
   a new stew for Doug
because his old chili
   burned holes in the rug!

Charlene had just copied
   all Santa’s list.
So for Senior Olympics
   none would be missed.

Animals sprung
   from Al’s good chain saw,
his bears and his eagles
   have us all in awe.

John’s sense of humor
   does liven us up,
but we do wonder
   what he drinks in his cup?!

Bill’s native home
   is the Emerald Isle
he carves those love spoons 
   with considerable style.

Ray is the sheriff
   we support loyally
But his doctor prescribes 
   carving more carefully

And Billy---where is he?
   the boy with the fiddle...
why he won’t play for us 
   is really a riddle.

Pat, Lu and John
   are a trio for sure
at the Festival guarding
   carvings we treasure!

Don Wilson’s really in the chips
   perfection is required
Soon he’ll need his own dust pan,
   because he’ll he retired.

The three Sisters, we need them 
   to keep us all in line
and with Wilbert’s St. Anthony
   we’ll be doing fine.

Russ and Bill’s county fair
   with carousel and ferris wheel
Shows that they’ve been carving
   with customary zeal.

The secretary is Charlie, 
   a man whom we can trust
no more a carving novice...
   wins the blue ribbons or bust!

Barb’s the great woodburner
   sometimes she’s really hot!
Some say that she’s an angel
   but maybe she is not

Rich sells us books and knives
   and Belleville tickets too
and Garald carves those totem poles
   and smiles a lot--- ‘tis true.

Dee clearly loves her Santa's 
   and carves them all with glee
Don shares her special interest 
   decorating the little tree.

Fred Slagle’s little minnies
   have such great appeal
Each carved personality
   shows just how they feel.

Our artist, Dorothy, is new 
   so she thinks we are nice---
Within this very next year
   she’ll recognize our vice.

Fern carves with fervor
   her tools by her side
Her Santa and his nifty sleigh 
   should give her lots of pride.

Tom, and Glenn, and also Jack
   Doc and Walter too..
carve Santa's and guys in the round 
   and chip just to please you.

If this time you’ve escaped us 
   then next year, you should run
The sequel’s sure to follow 
   and we’ll have lots of fun!

So as this old year passes 
   with 2000 close in sight.
To all, a Merry Christmas--
   and to all a Good Night!

Written by Clementine C. More  
(AKA Lu Perkov)

Recited by Bill Maguire at the 
1999 Christmas Party

Thanks to both for a wonderful job.


To all who missed this event, I hope you can arrange your schedule and join in on the festivities next year.  The food is great and the camaraderie is par excellence. 

Merry Christmas 1999

The Christmas party was a great success.  The mystery guest that came last year didn't make a showing this time and Walt and Doc (Top Left) were pretty miffed.  They didn't seem to mind when the food was served, however.  Lu brought out the old Christmas spirit (Bottom Left) with her songs.  I thought it was going to be a rough crowd by the looks (Below) that she was getting as she tuned her Casio Banjo, but they had been loosened up by Bill Maguire's rendition of the Woodcarvers Night Before Christmas (printed above).  I can't wait to see who she pings with the sequel she promise, or was that a threat.


Saturday Carving

Saturday carving has been a fun activity for several years.  We have had sessions on a variety of projects conducted by volunteer instructors.  There were also open carving sessions where you work on any project you like.  Either way, Saturday's are great  for camaraderie and improving carving skills.  The only problem with it was that it was only scheduled from January through March.

The feasibility of having Saturday carving all year met with a favorable response last year and we added several additional sessions through November.  Barb Smith has contacted the Art Center for available open Saturdays this year and has succeeded in getting all the Saturdays that follow regular meetings.  That is, Saturdays following each Wednesday meeting will be a carving day starting in January and going through November.  Note, this may not be the first and third Saturdays.  It depends which day the first Wednesday falls on.  Saturdays were selected this way to make it easier to remember.  

No projects are planned to date.  They will be added if there is sufficient interest among the participants.  Food has been provided in past sessions, but we normally eat out or order in.  That too, will be at the discretion of the participants.  This is a fun event and a chance to practice and improve your craft.  Come and enjoy.


Upcoming Events and Activities

January 2000

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January 5 Regular monthly business meeting
January 8 Saturday Carving, 9 to 3
January 19 Regular carving meeting.  No planned project.
January 22 Saturday Carving, 9 to 3

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