February 2002

Changes on the way

Saturday Carving: There will be some changes in our Saturday carving facilities. It appears that we will no longer be meeting at the O'Fallon Art Center. At this writing, I do not have any additional information. Therefore, for news on the status of Saturday Carving, come to the meeting on the 6th.

Show and Tell: President Adams asked for some ideas on incentives to encourage members to bring in their show-and-tell carvings. It was decided by the group that three names would be drawn from those bringing a carving or other item for show and tell. These three people will receive a free 50/50 ticket, giving them an extra chance to win the pot as well as any other items which may be available for the drawing.

The carving project with Rich Weitzman that was planned for the carving meeting last month was placed on hold due to the unavailability of the wood that he planned to use. Maybe he will be able to reschedule for some future meeting. The project for this month will be a face carving with Wilbert Brewton. Every one who has the carving holders that the club made last year, be sure to bring them in for the meeting on the 20th. Wilbert's instructions are great and you will enjoy the project.


February Display Case - Charley Sapp

Interest: Carving in the Round and Wood Spirits

Training: St. Charles High School Woodcarving class, Gerald Sears Seminar, lots of video tapes, books and trial and error.

Affiliations: St. Charles Area Woodcarvers and National Wood Carvers Association. 

Awards: Wonders of Wood Advanced-Class ribbons. 

Background: Engineer at Boeing. Wood worker for over thirty years. Started carving about five years ago. 

Show and Tell

There was a lot of carving activity over the holidays. We had more Show and Tell at the two January meetings than we have had for some time. As I mentioned earlier, an additional incentive to bring in your work will be offered in the from of a drawing. Other clubs offer incentive and some even attach a fair amount of money to the drawing. Since we don't have that much money to play with, we will give the three winners of the drawing a free ticket to the 50/50 drawing. This will give them an extra chance to win the money. We also have other prizes at some meetings and they will have a better chance for them also. Keep up the good work. Showing your work, problems, and accomplishments is a big part of the benefits our club offers.

Jack Combs finished a carving of two Indians entitled "Brothers". It is stained.


He also completed a standing Indian. He said he didn't remember which blank he used, but it's finished with Rockler's Antique Wax Finish. 

Sheldon White - Stu Martin blank. 
Basswood with Walnut base.

Martha Byron - St. Nicholas carved from catalpa wood. Finished in acrylics.

    Barb Smith is into new and different areas. A "wood" burned canvas chair back (Above). It's almost too pretty to sit on. 

The recipe box (above left) is old hat for Barb, but her new painting methods set it off. These two clocks are also a new area for Barb. They look real good. Everyone can use a clock or two. 

Sal Amato Santa (Left) was made with woodchips glued on for the beard. It makes a nice effect for the beard and yet it is still wood.  Sal also finished this loon.  

Russ Sears is also into clock making. This one is his latest modern design. 

Jim Leifeld completed a Debbie Edwards cougar. The club has this go-by in the library.  If anyone else is interested in doing it, the go-by helps a lot.

Charles Sapp carved a Santa from catalpa. He copied his own hand in Dave Lincoln's class.  He also completed this neat shore bird on a drift wood log. 

I finished a Santa face (Right) in  John Engler's seminar last November.  I also carved a couple of dry weather pumpkins  and painted them with an air brush using water colors.  For more of these interesting pumpkins, see the pattern section.

Charles Adams - Hillbilly Santa carved from basswood. 

Chris Klinckhardt - basswood Santa. I think it is a Gerald Sears blank.

Charlotte Cross - Bear doing it in the woods. 

Billy Lee constructed yet another version of his sandpaper tool sharpener. This one didn't make it home with him either. Someone waves money in his face and he just can't help himself. 


Sue Jackson carved and painted an interesting box. She also completed a Sears Santa rough out. (Right) She personalized it by carving the winter scene on the back of the coat. 


The Rest of the News

New Members: Welcome aboard to our latest new members, Bob Craven and Ward Garrison. 

Thank You: We received a thank-you note from Glen Remington for our donation to his annual Christmas Dinner for the poor. We have been contributing to this for several years. It helps to improve Christmas for the less fortunate.

For Sale: Barb Smith is selling some equipment. She has a table saw, a radial arm saw, a big cast iron drill press, a home made wood lathe, a 6 inch belt sander that moves from flat to upright, and a sharpening outfit similar to the one the club has. She also has some motors, lathe tools, and some large clamps. Anyone interested, give her a call at 636-240-7690.

Club Library: Martha Byron has taken it upon herself to list and make an index of the books, magazines and video tapes in the club library in the storage cabinet. A copy is now on file in the cabinet and should make it easier to find something of interest. If you would like to check out any of the materials, just be sure to sign out the item and place the sign out card in the metal box. We also have a go-by for Debbie Edwards Lynx mask and Cougar on the rocks. The go-by's require a $20 deposit, but it will be refunded when the item is safely returned. There is no other charge for any of the items. Just be sure to return what ever you check out as soon as possible to allow others to use them. And, give Martha a big "Thank You" when you see her.

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