February 2001

The John Engler Seminar
scheduled for August 25-27 is already full.  Plans change however, and if there is enough interest, John may(?) agree to a second group.  So, if you missed the boat, contact Don Wilson to be put on the waiting list.  You may still luck out.  John is a great instructor and I guarantee you will learn a lot just sitting around with him.  Of course, he doesn't let you sit very much.

Presidential Challenge:  President Charles Adams has challenged us to do more carving at our meetings.  We have been very actively carving at meetings in the past.  The floor would be covered with chips.  Two years ago, President Doug Woollard decreed that the first monthly meeting would be for business and the second monthly meeting would be primarily for carving.  We have been getting a little lax in the carving part. Charles came up with the idea of challenging us to fill up a piddling little bucket with chips.  He will donate $5 (out of his pocket) to the club each meeting that the bucket is fulled.  The way I figure, that would be over $100 for the club coffers if we get busy this month.  Bring in your work and make some chips.  No doggy bags allowed. Lets make Charles put up or shut up.

Greetings from the Rio Grande Valley:  Hello to all in the club.  A lot has, and is going on down here. Our show was a great success again this year.  Many nice carvings were entered and displayed.  Neither Ann nor I entered this year. We were both ailing somewhat. There was a great crowd Friday and Saturday.  We found those days are better than Saturday and Sunday down here where many are retirees.  Appreciate receiving the Newsletter via E- mail.  If I ever learn to use my PC, it will be easier to keep in contact. I only had three people sign up for my starter class this year. Don't know what will happen to carving if we can't motivate new carvers.  There are opportunities to carve every day, if one is able to attend. Y'all take care and we will see you in April.  -  Don & Ann Bosley

Pat O'Mara, former member of the Show-Me Woodcarvers, visited our meeting last month and joined our happy little group.  Welcome aboard Pat.  Hope to see a lot more of you and your work at our meetings.


Additional visitors last month were Jeff and Randy Vaughn, John Spiller, and Greg Rowland.  They saw the club booth at the Festival of the Little Hills and were enthusiastic about carving.  After the business meeting, Red Cross exposed them to the 3 minute owl, complete with knives and blanks.  I didn't see any red wood and they all finished the owl. Albeit, it took a little longer than the 3 minutes.  Red said, "The 3 minute owl should be called the 18 minute owl."   I didn't time the visitors.  If their interest was any indication, we will  see a lot more of them at future meetings.  Like Don and Ann Bosley said, we have to get new "blood" in the hobby.  Pardon the pun.

Get the news flowing:  There are lots of changes on the horizon.  The new building is still scheduled to be transferred to the Art Center March 1st, with changes and remodeling to be finished be the end of May.  We should be getting into the new digs soon thereafter.  Other information will be made available when we find out.  Get your ideas, suggestions, stories and articles for the newsletter to me or to a club officer.  Help make your club better and more beneficial to all its members.  If you would like to see something here, just let me know.


Other Ideas to Consider:  President  Adams is working overtime to come up with new ideas and ways to improve the activities of the club this year.  One idea is to have joint meetings with other area clubs.  Some ideas would be demonstrations, parties, or membership drives together.  Any other ideas would be welcome and I am sure that Charles would appreciate help in this effort.  If you would have an idea to generate activity and would be willing to help with, or even take charge of, the effort, I'm sure Charles would be happy to consider it.  Remember, this is a club and any effort that benefits the group, also benefits you as an individual.


Club Library:  Some of you know that the club has a library, but newer members may not.  Probably most don't know all the interesting stuff we have available, totally free, for all members to use.  First, there is a big collection of books on things like birds, caricatures, Santa's, wood spirits, and ducks.  Plus books on many other "things" and "how to" articles.  Second, there are 4 or 5 binders full of patterns on woodburning, carving (relief and in the round), and all sorts of interesting things.  Third, there are numerous video tapes on everything from carving seminars to our Wonders of Wood Show.  Fourth, we have two go-by's:  Debby Edward's cougar on rocks and my personal favorite, her Lynx face.  These go-by's are free to use, but require a $20 deposit which is refunded when they are returned, safely.  I'm sure there is other stuff that I am not aware of.  To check out any of these items, see Joyce Fritz at meetings or John Bouchillon during the Seasoned Eye Woodcarvers Group meetings on Monday and Wednesday mornings.  If neither of us are available, use the honor system and sign out the item using the sign out cards in the little green box.  Finally, we have money to purchase new items.  If you would like to see something added, just bring it up at a meeting.  

Sunshine Committee:  Lu Perkov has agreed to continue as the club Sunshine Committee.  She was a little confused at the title.  She had considered herself to be the Card Lady last year.  She said if we wanted to call her the Sunshine Committee this year, that would be fine with her.  If you find out anything requiring sunshine, give her a call at 636-936-0665.  Lu is also Club Historian.  Any information in that regard would be appreciated, also. 


Saturday Carving

Saturday carving attendance is still a little lower than we would like to see.  In January, we had 17 on the 6th and 11 on the 20th.  The Art Center has not established an absolute minimum that they will keep the doors open for.   I would expect that this level of activity would be satisfactory, but the more the merrier.  If you are not attending these Saturday Carving days, you are missing a great time.  We occasionally have food brought in, but we always have a fun day carving and sharing jokes, poems, and how-to ideas.  

No projects, demonstrations, or food are planned for February 10th and 24th.  Just bring your favorite project along.  No one acted silly so I didn't have any other subjects to aggravate with my picture taking.  Why don't you join the group.  You never know what may come up.

Barb Smith was working hard at her woodburning.


Walt Schmierbach

Affiliations:  St Charles Area Woodcarvers.

Interests: Chip Carving.

Training:  Self taught and assistance by fellow carvers.

Awards:  Best of show and blue ribbons at the Wonders of Wood Show.

Background:  My grandfather was a wood worker.  I took up wood carving when I retired in 1985 and joined the St. Charles Area Wood Carvers Club.

Thoughts:  Wood Carving as a hobby is relaxing and enjoyable.  You also get to meet some very nice people.


Show and Tell

Show and tell is my favorite part of our meetings.  I like to see what everybody is working on.  I am a shameless thief of ideas.  If I like something, I'll try to make one, too.  I change it, combine it with other ideas, and improve on it, if possible.  I feel that if someone uses one of my ideas, it is a compliment.  Toward that end, I spend a lot of time and space in the newsletter and on my web site making Show and Tell available to you.  To make that possible, I need your projects and completed works.  If you can't bring them to a meeting, take a lesson from Charley Sapp.  Due to his work schedule, he couldn't bring his cowboy to the meeting, so he e-mailed me pictures to share with you.

Charles Sapp sharing his cowboy from
Dave Lincoln's adult education class.

Billy Lee finished this Rex Branson bust of a gambler.  He has been very busy lately.  

Ray Clark did this Indian Chief 
at the Jeff Phares Branson class.

I needed a little diversion from carving, so I made this little card holder box.  It is cherry with basswood sides for woodburning.

Billy also finished this wall hanging mountain man bust at the Jeff Phares class at Branson.  It is sealed with Gel Varnish plus a little burnt umber and finished with three coats of  Deft, bagged between coats.

Jack Combs completed this cowboy from a John Wayne rough out.



Ice Carving 

The third annual Fete de Glace was held January 28.  Three hundred pound ice blocks were delivered in cardboard boxes to the five professional ice carvers who entered this year.  It was just barely cold enough to keep the blocks from melting. In fact, it was a beautiful day for the event.  Last year, it was much colder and snowing.  The fire pits were still a welcome place to warm cold hands, feet,  behinds and noses.

There were not many other wood carvers there, but I find this event very interesting.  They use drills, chain saws, chisels, pruning saws, electric irons (of the sort used to iron shirts), aerosol lubricants (such as WD-40), and special tricks to cut and fuse ice.  It is unique, but I will probably stick to glue and sandpaper.  Of course, carving a little ice in July would be a welcome relief.  If you like carving, it is an interesting event worthy of a few hours of your time.


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