December 2000

Pres Seys

Our annual Christmas Party will be held on Dec 6th at the St. Peters Cultural Arts Center from 7 to 9 PM.  The Club will furnish the meat and cheese tray. Please bring a side dish.  This will be the only meeting in December.

The officers for the year 2001 were elected on November 1st, and the results are: President - Charles Adams; Vice President - Jim Leifeld; Secretary - Dudley Jackson; Treasurer - Charles Sapp; and New Member of the Board of Directors - Don Jackson.  Special thanks to Charles Sapp for volunteering to be the Treasurer again this year.  My congratulations, complements and best wishes to the new officers.  Please support then and ask if you can help in any way. 

I would like to personally give special thanks to Dee Kley for her work on the Wonders of Wood Show and to John Bouchillon for the outstanding newsletter and his Internet site dedicated to our club and woodcarving in general.  I would also like to thank all the officers this year for their support and help and everyone who volunteered to chair a committee or work on one.  Thank all of you for your support this year.  It has been an honor to serve as your President and I thank you for the opportunity.

I do not have any additional news regarding the changes that are taking place at the St. Peters Cultural Arts Center. When and if there is a change that affects our club, you will be notified via the newsletter or at regular meetings. 

This will be my last article for this newsletter.  I hope that I have not bored you this past year.  Sue and I wish everyone a "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy New Year".  May the next year bring you good health and good fortune.  

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of our members who are ill.  We wish them a speedy recovery.

Regards - Don Jackson


Christmas Party

The only meeting in December will be our annual Christmas party.  As Don mentioned in his Prez Seys, the club will furnish the meat and cheese tray. Please bring a side dish.  A sign-up sheet was circulated at the last meeting.  If you missed it, just bring whatever you like.  We always have loads.  You know the "Meet-n-eat" tradition.  

Don't forget the ornament exchange.  If you want to participate, just bring in something.  Participants will then pick one in exchange for the one they bring.  No names on the outside please.  Wrap deceptively.


Saturday Carving

The status of Saturday carving at the Art Center is a little uncertain.  The last available Saturday of this year was November 18th. and it went on as scheduled.  There were only seven of us there, however.  I'm not sure if this was a result of the uncertainty, or if it was just the time of year.  Certainly, it couldn't be because the age of our members caused an attack of CRS.  (Can't Remember Stuff)  Whatever the cause, we must make a determination on continuing this activity.

Barb Smith submitted the 2001 dates to the Art Center and they were approved.  They are the Saturdays following each of our monthly meetings.  The dates are:  January 6 and 20, February 10 and 24, March 10 and 24, April 7 and 21, May 5 and 19, June 9 and 23, July 7 and 21, August 4 and 18, September 8 (September 20 is Wonders of Wood Show), October 6 and 20 and November 10.  

As additional information becomes available, we will pass it on in regular meetings and through the newsletter.  In the meantime, lets take advantage of this activity as long as it is available.  It is a fun day for those who participate and I highly recommend it.  



Affiliations: St. Charles Area Woodcarvers, The National Woodcarvers Association, Belleville Area Holzschnitzers, Mid-America Woodcarvers Association and West County Wood Carvers. 

Interests: My main interest has been carving in the round with subjects ranging from Santa Claus to Indians and mountain men. I've tried a few caricatures and some bird carvings. Animal carvings and woodburning round out some of my interests. 
Background: Currently I'm employed by Boeing. I went back to school to complete my Bachelors degree and a class project got me interested in wood carving.  Continuing education classes prevent me from spending much time on the hobby. 

Training: Initial carving classes at Saint Charles High school began with Cletis Sparks, followed by classes with Dave Lincoln, and Don Wilson. I've taken classes with Jeff Phares, Debbie Edwards, Shorty Renner, Gerald Sears, Doc Hlavac, Steve Schumacher, Gary Paulsen, and Barb Smith. I also continue my training with help from many of my carving club friends. 

Advice: "One learns by doing a thing; for though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try." - Sophocles 


November Project

The carving project for November was appropriately a Christmas bear ornament.  Barb Smith came up with this great ornament and blanks with the pattern drawn on and ready for woodburning.  What a cutie.  

Barb is a great instructor and has loads of great patterns for the aspiring wood burner.  I highly recommend this one.  You can use this picture and make your own blank.  Or, see Barb and whine for any that may have been left over from the meeting. 

Great job.  Thanks Barb. 


Show and Tell

Barb Smith completed these two pieces on basswood half-round slabs.  They are self standing and are burned in her inimitable style.  Truly works of art.   

Walt Schmierbach completed this interesting bolo.  Another one of Walt's great chip carving efforts.

Tom Henke completed this pair of industrious bears going after something in the tree.  Tom is a master at getting unique expressions and poses on his carvings.  This one had to be seen to appreciated fully.  Good job, Tom.

Russ Sears brought in another of his home designed and very functional tools for demonstration.  This one is a tenon cutting device for his table saw.  Good job Russ.

Jerry Burson completed this chip carved clock in a plate.  It uses a clock movement salvaged from a clock that belonged to his father.  I bet Jerry had a good time making this one.


This and That

Dues Time:  It's that time again.  Get your dues to Charles Sapp as soon as possible.  This is a simple task for us members, but it can drag on for months for Charles if he can't close out the books on this one item.  If you receive a mailed version of the newsletter, check the number on your mailing label to determine your status.  Electronic newsletter recipients are on your own.  

Boone Home Tour:  The Boone Home is conducting their annual 1980's Candlelight Christmas Tour December 1, 2, 8 and 9 from 6 to 10 PM each night.  They would like to have craft people there during the tour to visit with the visitors.  If you can participate in this event, contact Charles Browning to make arrangements to get in the front gate and to get information on location.  This is a very special event at the Boone Home.  More than a dozen 19th Century buildings will be decked for the holidays in frontier style, and illuminated by literally thousands of candles.  As visitors walk from building to building along lantern lined paths, they will hear sounds of the season presented by costumed carolers and traditional musicians and old time holiday treats will be waiting for them at various stops on the tour.  Even if you can't participate in the carving, it would be an interesting event to attend.

Wonders of Wood:  The date for the Wonders of Wood Show 2001 will be September 22 and 23.  Plan ahead.  Start your projects today.  The show this year did really good.  The final figures came in and we were solidly in the black.  We also came out ahead at the Belleville show.  Thank you all for your contributions for both shows.  This is the only way we can keep our head above water and continue to produce the extravagant monthly newsletter for your enjoyment.  Without your help, it may have to return to a quarterly newsletter.

Engler Seminar:  The dates have been selected for another relief carving seminar by John Engler.  It will be August 25-27, 2001.  We had a great seminar last August.  John is a great instructor and his projects range from cougars and wolves to old barns, stores, covered bridges and water mills.  If he doesn't have a project that will tweak your interest, you just can't be tweaked.  Mark your calendar now.  See Don Wilson ASAP to get on the list.  There were only a couple of slots left at the last meeting.  You may have to get on the waiting list if you wait.   

Spring Classes from Joe Schumacker.  Here are some of the classes for the beginning of the year. If anyone is interested, contact Joe and verify the price, date and location of the class with him. His phone number is 636.464.8385.

Jan 13-14 - Caricature drawing with Eugene Rubble. $50 at Steamfitters Hall
Jan 20-21 - Relief carving with Bob & Pat Perry. $50 includes 1 board
Feb 17-18 - Beginning Chip Carving with Don Buttig. $50
March 24-25 - Beginning wood burning with Barb Smith. $65
April 21-22 - Caricature carving with Dave Rushlow. $80 includes blank
May 4-6 - (Possibly) Antler carving with Curt Curtis
May 26-27 - Caricature carving with Gerald Sears. $117 includes blank

May 22-23 (full class) Chip Carving with Helli Mayr. Contact person - Shirley Dashner at 920-725-4350 or If you would like a class with him around this same date, contact Shirley. He will conduct a class for 12-15 people and Belleville already has several people on a waiting list. For more information on his trip to this country, see the November-December issue of Chip Chats, page 20.


Upcoming Events and Activities

December 6

Christmas Party.  Last meeting of 2000

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year  

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