Windows Explorer is our Friend

Windows Explorer is one of the least understood programs on our computer.  However, without it, you can not hope to understand your file system and you will always wonder where files go when they are saved.  With a little practice, it can truly become your friend and make managing your files a breeze. 

To start Windows Explorer, right click on the Windows button on the lower left corner of your desk top.

 Then, click Open Windows Explorer.  This will bring up Windows Explorer.

The Windows Explorer window below shows my Libraries: Documents Music, Pictures, and Videos.

To make a new folder, decide where you want it to be.  I will demonstrate by adding a new file folder named Miscellaneous  in the Documents  folder. 

1.  Double Click Documents  to open it.  2. Click File.  3. Click New.  4. Than click Folder.

The new folder name "New Folder" is highlighted in blue.

Rename the New Folder by typing Miscellaneous while it is still blue and hit Enter.  The new folder is now Miscellaneous and you can save all your downloaded files and pictures there.  If you should click something else, the blue highlight goes away and the name is permanent.

Do not leave the New Folder name.  It isn't cool having New Folders.  Simply click the name New Folder to select it, then click it again to make it changeable again.  Then type the name you want.  Any folder can be renamed this way.  New folders scattered around on your computer is a sure sign of a beginner.  You are no longer a beginner, you have made a place to store your pictures.  Repeat the process for as many new folders as you think you will need.  You can add new folders to any of the libraries and you can come back later and make more when you need something specific.

Creating and naming folders is not a Black Art. It is simple and makes filing a breeze.  How would you find anything in your desk without file folders and drawers to keep similar things together. 

One last comment.  When you make a folder and decide you don't need it any more, just delete it.  Right Click on the folder name and click Delete.  You are offered the choice to cancel the delete operation if you aren't sure.  Click OK, and it is gone to the Recycle Bin.  You can still get it back, but it is out of there for now.

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