Saving Pictures off the Internet

Pictures are easy. I have had a lot of people ask how to do it and here is what I tell them. It may be more than you wanted to know, but you will get the idea. Here are 2 small gifs you can use to practice saving.


I save all the cute gifs and jpgs  I find on web pages and use them as appropriate. Don't forget that many are copyrighted, so use just for your personal enjoyment. 

First thing to do is open Windows Explorer.  You must get used to this program.  It is the most important tool you have in understanding the computer and downloading anything off the internet.

I make a shortcut to Windows explorer so it is handy.  But, you can open it by right clicking the windows button in the lower left corner of your computer screen.

Then click "Open Windows Explorer". 

Pick the place you want to save the file.  Choose Desktop or a Library file like Pictures, Music, Documents, or Videos.  For fast saving, just put them on the Desktop.  You can even create a new folder to save your "finds" in so they will be readily available.

Next, the easy part is saving it. Just left click on the file you want to save and hold the button down while you drag the file over to the explorer window and drop it. (Release the button)  You can even drop the file on the desktop for quick transfer and pick the location later.

Pictures and gifs work the same way as well as any other file or videos you may want to save.  Then all you have to do is pick where you want to save the file or where you want to file the folder.  Windows Explorer allows you to move it and rename it.

For help in making new places to store your files, see the section on using the Windows Explorer, "The Windows Explorer is our Friend"





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