August 2002

Gerald Sears Seminar big success

Garald Sears came and conquered again this year. His seminars are always entertaining and instructive. Any of you who have taken Gerald's class would have enjoyed this one even more. We took on a very optimistic project. A large Santa that Gerald designed at the request of our group last year. He carved a couple of examples and had rough outs made just in time for the seminar. Since this was the first time it was presented in one of his seminars, it even had Gerald scratching his head at times. We ended the two and a half day seminar with the project in varying degrees of completion ranging from "a very good start" to completely finished and painted. I don't know how anyone managed to completely finish the piece by Sunday morning in time to get it painted, but I'm sure it involved a couple of nights 

working at home. Even though most didn't get to the painting, Barbara was very helpful in her painting instructions on the one that did get finished and she had tips and techniques for those who will be doing it at home, like me. Another interesting thing about this seminar was that due to the size of the project, we had to use a carving vice of some kind. I was amazed at the number of different types of carving vices that are used. Anyway, I'd like to thank Gerald and Barbara for coming again this year, making a project especially for our group, and presenting a great seminar. We will be looking forward to having them here again.

Larry Keller is doing some serious two fisted wood removal here.  Those aren't kid gloves he's wearing.  Charles Adams (Near Right) used a unique approach in his carving.  Charles Mitchell (Far Right), the dancing woodcarver, was hard at work, although a little worse for wear after a night on the dance floor the night before.


August Display Case - Bill Maguire

Interest: All kinds of carving - From spoons to abstracts to Celtic to chip carving.

Training: Classes with Cletus Sparks, Dave Lincoln, Don Wilson and Walt Schmierbach. Seminar with Stu Martin. Helpful tips from most club members.

Affiliations: St Charles Area Woodcarvers.

Awards: Wonders of Wood judges have been generous with ribbons. 1999 Best of Show - Intermediate.

Background: Irish born engineer Woodworking has been in the genes for at least four generations - professional or amateur.

Thoughts: The wood carving aspect of our group is surpassed only by the people. 


Show and Tell

Sheldon White has been very busy. He had three nice pieces to show. This is a unique carving of a pair of loons done in a basswood slab. The cutout background was a nice touch.

He also had this relief carving of a covered bridge. It looks like a John Enger pattern, but I don't recall if that is where he did it. The St. Francis of Assisi statue (below) was by Helen Gibson.

Charles Sapp had this nice duck carved in basswood.

One of our new members, Ray Noble, had a plaque in progress. Ray is interested in all the tips and ideas he can get, so if you have any ideas, let him know. 


The Rest of the News

Work for Your Club: We have a lot of activities coming up in the next few months that require the support and help of all our club members. Volunteers are needed.

The Festival of the Little Hills is August16-18. We will have a booth there again this year. Our location will provide more visibility than we had last year. Contact Ward Garrison, 636-745-7474 or E-mail wardcraft to sign up to staff our booth. Booth workers have an opportunity to promote carving and to advertise our club show in September. 

Don Wilson is in charge of collecting carvings for display at the booth. Contact him or bring your carving to the next meeting. Your carvings will be handled carefully, protected and returned after the Festival.

Wonders of Wood Show:
Martha Byron, or 636-397-3215, needs volunteers to staff the greeters table and the 50/50 table for the Show. This is an opportunity for new members to get involved in club activities and for members that do not have a display to be a part of the show. 

We also need help putting up signs and banners Friday before the show. Assistance in getting to radio and TV stations for advertising would also be welcome. Contact John Bouchillon, 636-240-5372. 

Brochures and flyers are available for distribution. One page signs are for bulletin boards in your area grocery stores, libraries, and other business establishments. Small, quarter page flyers are available for use in information racks and handing out at activities. A tri fold flyer is also available for handout at the Festival of the Little Hills and other places. Pick up some at the next meeting and distribute them in your area. Take as many as you need, but use all you take. Lets get the word out.

Other committees for the WOW show still need help with table set up, tear down, judging, and demonstrations. Contact Dave Lincoln, Jim Leifeld, or Charlie Sapp to sign up. 

Wonders of Wood table reservations: Have you made your reservation for a display table at the Wonders of Wood Show? Reservations are being taken on a first come, first serve basis. Tables are $10 each for club members; $20 for non club members; and $30 for vendors. Send your application to Charlie Sapp or contact him for more information. A table application is included below.

Newsletter Editor Position Open: I regret that for personal reasons, I will not be able to continue with the Newsletter after this year. If anyone could see their way clear to take on this function, I will be available (if needed) to work with them September through December. Hopefully, we can continue with this important part of our club's service to its members.

Showcase Chairman: We still need a showcase chairman to schedule monthly displays in the showcase that the Art Center provides the club. Our members are very cooperative in putting their carvings in the showcase. All we need is someone to encourage them to do so and make sure it is filled each month. This is a good way to publicize our club and its members accomplishments. Don't let this important function stop. The case is full through October. A new Showcase Chairman is needed before November to maintain continuity.

Club success depends on your involvement with our show and these other important activities. Thanks in advance for your help and participation.


Application: Wonders of Wood Show, September 21 & 22, 2002

Name ________________________________ 

Address: ______________________________ 

City: _________________________________ 

State: ____________ Zip: ________________ 

Phone: (_______)_________-_____________ 

Number of Spaces: _____________________ 
@ $10 for club members                                   
@ $20 for non members 
@ $30 for vendors

Amount Attached: ______________________

I will be sharing a table with:
Name: _______________________________ 


Woodcarving __________

Woodworking __________

Woodturning __________

Woodburning __________

Skill Level:

Juvenile __________

Novice __________

Intermediate __________ 

Advanced __________ 

Professional __________

An application must be filled out for each participant in the show. Payment must be enclosed with the application. 

Mail to:
Charles W. Sapp
Attn: Wonders of Wood Show
771 Meadow Cliff Drive
St. Charles, MO 63303

For additional information call (636) 928-0149. 


Date application received: ____________

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