August 2001

In Memorial - Leonard Subasic

Most of our newer members did not know Leonard because he lived in Wheeling, West Virginia. However, he was a card holding, paid up member of our club and visited us every chance he got. He had family living in the area and found out about our group through one of our founders, Roy Probst. His frequent visits to the area were always welcomed and enjoyed.

Leonard suffered an illness Easter Sunday morning, April 15th, after attending Mass in his church. He was getting better and even went home, but his talents were needed elsewhere. He passed away Thursday, May 24, 2001, in Wheeling Hospital. We, and the Oglebay Woodcarvers Guild, lost a member, a friend to many, a good human being, a good husband, a good father, a generous man, and the list can continue on and on.

Those of you who didn't know Leonard missed meeting a truly nice man and a wonderful carver. We welcomed his many colorful stories about his work, the war, the Navy, and of course carving. No one can doubt his natural God given carving skills, his desire to improve them, and most of all his efforts to pass them on to all who he would meet.

So long Leonard,
Show St. Pete how to make a few chips.

Taken in part from the Oglebay Woodcarvers Guild newsletter, Occasional Chips

Festival of the Little Hills Display: Don't forget about the items for display at the Festival of the Little Hills, August 18 and 19. There are only 2 meetings left to get the items to Don Wilson before the Festival.

Don wants to thank all of you who brought in items to the last meeting. We are collecting a great display for this year. Any one else who would like to add to this display, bring in your items to the next meeting or let Don know, (636-928-2404), and arrange for pick up or delivery. Loaned items will be returned after the Festival. Donated items will be stored for later use.

Saturday Carving change: Since the St. Peters Art Center is closed on Saturday, we have moved our Saturday carving sessions to the O'Fallon Art Center. The space is a little smaller, but there is no charge for the building and it is very nice.

To get to the O'Fallon Art Center from I-70, take the Highway K/M (Main Street) Exit 217. Drive North on Main Street about a half mile. After crossing the railroad tracks, make an immediate Left turn onto Civic Park Drive. The Art Center is about three blocks, on the Left. Come join us. We meet each Saturday following a regular Wednesday club meeting. Parking is in the rear. Hours are from 9 to around 2.


Show and Tell

Ray Clark extended his carving expertise by constructing three beautiful flutes. Furthermore, he graced us with a "tune" from one of them. Great work Ray. Just don't trade in your carving job at Silver Dollar City to be a flautist. 

Dudley Jackson completed the gnome project offered by Charles Adams several meetings ago. He turned the gnome into the guitar player, Gerry Garcia. Dudley said that the guitar will be finished with strings and fret.


One of our newest members who is apparently not new to the carving world brought in his rendition of the OK Corral gunfight. To further his abilities, he recently completed a seminar with Gerald Sears carving caricatures and I bet we can expect even bigger and better items from him soon. Nice work Charles.


Jim Leifeld made a "go-by" board for duck heads. I guess he had a lot of questions from visitors at our Wonders of Wood and other shows and wanted to give them a more detailed explanation of how the beautiful ducks he makes are created.

Russ Sears continued in his long standing tradition of bringing in his intricate and very creative home built tools. This time he had a miniature lathe which he built from an old sewing machine motor, a speed control, and various bearings, belts and other items which he scrounged from who knows where. Here, the lathe is set up to turn pen barrels using, what else, a home-made pen barrel turning spindle. Miniature turning tools are also used. Great job as usual, Russ.


Walt Schmierbach completed another of his masterpieces in the chip carving area. This cross is sawed out of the plaque on a slight angle and pushed forward. Then it was chip carved as was the prayer and returned to the plaque. Great job, Walt. As usual. Wilbert Brewton is working on a wonderful lady that he found in a magazine somewhere. Wilbert is a master carver and produces wonderful items. This was designed by him based only on a picture. He makes a clay model and mounts it on his duplicator to produce a rough out. Then, the final piece is carved. Great job Wilbert.


August Display Case - Perley Cassady

Interests: All forms of carving.

Training: Basically, self taught, but recently attended a seminar with Gerald Sears.

Affiliations: St. Charles Area Woodcarvers and National Wood Carvers Association.

Awards: Numerous awards in local shows.

Background: Carving for 12 years. Worked for the Missouri Department of Conservation, Retired.


The Rest of the News

The Gerald Sears Seminar was a great success. You never fail to learn from Gerald and Barb as they make carving and painting fun. It was such a wonderful seminar, we talked them into coming back about this time next year for a special Santa class. There was enough people there during the day to completely fill next years class. So, if you are interested in taking the class, see Sue Jackson to get on the waiting list. There may be cancellations. In addition to carving and painting, we got some great information on sharpening techniques and equipment. More on that when I have some more space.

The John Engler Seminar scheduled for August 24-26 is full. See Don Wilson to get on the waiting list if you are interested. There is usually a drop-out or two and you may luck out. John is a great instructor and will make your time well worth the effort. It will be from 6 to 9 PM, Friday the 24th and from 9 to 5 on the 25th and 26th.

Festival of the Little Hills Sign-up: There are still some open slots for manning the club booth at the Festival, August 18 and 19. We need at least two people for all time slots, and three are preferred.

Wonders of Wood 50/50 tickets: Get your tickets now, and sell as many as possible to help defray the cost of the Show. We are in uncharted waters on expenses this year and may need all the help we can get. See or contact Charles Sapp (636) 928-0149 to make arrangements to get some.

New Rent (Again): The Board of Directors met last month and decided to keep our meeting night rent at the same $1 rate as always. With the number of people attending, they figure that we will come out about even, so there should be no reason to charge members extra. 

Charlene McMenamy completed the National Olympics again this year. She didn't bring in as much gold as in the past, but did manage a very respectable three silver medals and a forth place finish in the 5,10,20, and 40K runs. Congratulations Charlene.

Charles Browning is currently on display at the Art Center. He has the main auditorium filled with his paintings, carvings and ceramics creations. Next time you are in the Art Center, take a stroll through and see his work. It is quite impressive.

Congratulations to Al Knopka for the big 91st birthday. Joyce and Arnold brought in cake and ice cream to the July 18th meeting and everyone celebrated the event. 

Wonder of Wood Tables are available now. See Dee Kley to sign up for yours. Dee needs to know how many will be needed. We are a little unsure of the space availability in our new facilities.  First come, first serve.

Due to the Doane Experience next month, I will not be at the August 1st meeting. Any show and tell items will not be included in the newsletter unless you arrange for someone else to take pictures. Also, any newsworthy items should be recorded and saved for me at the next meeting. See you on the 15th.


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