August 2000

Prez Seys

    I just checked out John Bouchillon's web site. He has made a lot of changes. It is outstanding! I urge you to check it out.  John has put a lot of work into this web site and it shows. Well-Done John! The web site is a good thing for the club, anyone who visits can find almost anything they want about carving and have a link to our official club web site as well as the Belleville club. Thank you John for all your good work. 
    Don't forget about the Festival of the Little Hills, August 18-20. If you would like to help in any way please contact Charlotte Cross, the chairperson. I would like to thank everyone who is helping out.
    At the last meet in July, Charles Browning gave a seminar on what the judges look for at an art show. Charles also won a 1st place and an Honorable Mention ribbon at the July St. Peters Art Show. Thanks and congrats to Charley. 
    Thanks to Dee Kley, we are once again getting ready for the annual Wonders of Wood Show. On behalf of the club I extend our compliments to Dee for taking on this big project. She has put a lot of work in over the years as chairperson for this project. Thank you, Dee. As any married man knows, husbands are sometimes delegated to do chores. Thank you Don Kley for all the work you have also done over the years for this project.
    The Doane experience is July 31 through August 5 in Crete, Nebraska. This is an annual carving seminar sponsored by the Mid America Carving Association. Carvers from many different states come and stay in the collage dorms, eat in the cafeteria (gaining several pounds) and attend classes in the training rooms. This year the following 12 club members will attend: Larry and Jean Keller, Stan and Charlotte Cross, Don and Dee Kley, Doug and Rainy Woollard, Barb Smith, Arnold and Joyce Fritz and Don and Sue Jackson. This trip and carving seminars are a lot of fun. The price is very reasonable (cheap) for this week long seminar. If you are interested in attending next year contact any of the above for details. The president and vice-president will not be here for the first meeting in August. I have asked John Bouchillon to fill in for us. Thanks John. 
    See you the 2nd meeting in August. Regards, Don Jackson.


This and That

Chick and Jessie Meyer would like to thank all their friends who visited them and assisted in liquidating their stock of equipment and supplies.  Last month I mentioned that there would be an auction of the remaining items in August.  The auction is closed to the public, however.  I apologize for any misconception I may have caused.  I would like to extend our best wishes to Chick and Jessie and wish them the best in their new residence. 

Learn the Art of Woodburning:   The St. Charles Adult Education Department is offering Woodburning classes, again this year.  There will be two classes: The Beginners class will start Thursday September 7th and the Intermediate class will start Thursday October 19.  Both are 6 weeks long and will complete four projects. The fee will be $60.00.  For additional information contact Barb Smith (636) 240-7690 after 5:30 pm or call the Adult Education Office at (636) 947-0822 ext 2.

Barb will also conduct a seminar for our club on an upcoming carving Saturday.  The date has yet to be determined, but I have seen the project and the sooner the better so far as I'm concerned.  I'm sure it will be sometime after the Adult Education classes end.  Maybe early next year.  She is also scheduled to do a Christmas Ornament for the October 18th meeting.   That Barb is a busy person.  Let her know you are interested so she can get the blanks ready.


Not gettin' your share.

Have you ever entered your woodcarvings in an art contest and come away with nothing to show for your effort.  Well, stop scratching your head.  There may be a good reason.  Charles Browning is a professional woodcarver and frequently enters his work in local art shows.  The last show at the St. Peters Cultural Art Center garnered him a Blue and an Honorable Mention ribbon for two of the three pieces that he entered.

Last month, Charley presented some pointers which could improve your chances at coming away from an art show with more than egg on your face.  The main point that he wanted to make was that Woodcarving is art, just as much as painting or sculpting.  But, we frequently approach woodcarving as if it were a craft.  Craftsmen create exactly defined details and make exact reproductions.  

Charley giving the lowdown on how to make it in the art world.
Artists watch lines and surfaces and focus on how they make the observer feel.  We take a go-by or a picture and reproduce it.....exactly!  I have been carving for seven years and the closer I make my carvings look like the go-by, the better I feel about the results.  However, art show judges do not want copies.  "Exactness" is necessary in the Realistic area, but the following points can even improve results there.  

The Fiddler

A carving in the round should not have a front or back.  All sides should draw your attention.  If it doesn't, it is a carving in the half round, a relief, or a wall hanging.  Lines should draw your view to all sides, and make you want to turn the item around to see where they go.  The carving should not be straight and symmetrical.  It should twist and turn to add interest.  The head should look up or to the side.  Holes between legs or under arms can be used to draw your attention through to the back or to another side.  Imply weight or heaviness by making the item sag.  Imply lightness by making it appear to be pulling up.  Try to show (or imply) what the piece is doing by using these techniques.  Step back and try to get an impression of how the lines make the item feel.  I don't fully understand all this, but it will give me some new ideas when I start my next piece.  

I hope this encourages you to enter your work in the world of art.  The Cultural Art Center has several shows during the year.  By the way, Originality and Creativity are two of the seven areas of judging in our Wonders of Wood Show.  Together, they represent from 25 to 40% of the total grade for each piece.  Maybe we are also missing something here in our own back yard.  Thanks Charley.


Show and Tell

There were a lot of interesting Show and Tell items in July.  It was truly a hot month for carving.

At the first meeting, Sheldon White brought in a Cougar done in Debbie Edward's seminar.  Super job, finished in acrylics and mounted on a walnut base.  At the second meeting, he had another in progress.  It just needed painting.  Sheldon is good, and fast.  

Charles Adams had his cigar store Indian. (Just back from the display at the Boone Home)  Charles doesn't like smoking Indians, so he gave him a bottle of fire water to hold.  Dudley Jackson completed a very nice woodsman.  The woodcarving classes he has been taking are really worth while.  Good job Dudley. Doug Woollard completed these cute critters in a Dunkle seminar.  He said it was a fun seminar and everyone finished several pieces with time to spare.
Chong Kim is still hooked on birds.  This eagle catching a rabbit was magnificent.  He was just starting this one at the first July meeting and brought it in finished at the second meeting. 

It is rumored that his next eagle will be on a sea food diet next month.

Dee Kley was worried about having something to put on the tables at the Festival of the Little Hills so she did this Indian.  This is a little overkill.  Anyone who knows Dee knows she has enough work just laying around to fill 10 tables.  Look!  The head is turned.  It's art.  

So is Al Knopka's black lab.  His own dog was his model.  Solid black labs are hard to photograph.  I'm sure you get the idea, however.

Thanks to everyone who brought in their work.  A little recognition is always fun.  Remember the old saying, "He who tootith not his own horn, the same shall not be tootithed."    -   Whatever!


Last but not Least

The Festival of the Little Hills is August 18-20. We have all the time slots taken up with at least two people, the minimum required. If you are not signed up for one and have some time that weekend, check with Charlotte at either August meeting and come on down. Three isn't always a crowd, it's a hoot. We have a good time talking to all the visitors. New people join after almost every festival. This event, the Wonders of Wood Show, and the carving and woodburning classes conducted by our members are our best source of new members. Come help by telling lookers what you get out of the club and I'm sure even more will join.

The Wonders of Wood Show is coming only one month after the Festival.  This is a really busy time.  Don't forget to sign up with Dee Kley for your table.  Can't use a full table?  Find a partner.  We may be a little tight on tables this year.  We have several new members.  Tables are assigned on a first come, first serve basis.  Get going on those last minute projects.  Judges really hate to judge carvings that get wet paint on their hands. 


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