April 2000

Prez Seys

     I am happy to inform you that Lu Perkov has accepted the position of Club Historian. Thank you Lu, for taking on this responsibility. If you have any old newsletters, pictures, stories or anything about the clubs history, please let Lu know about it. Lets support her in this project.
     On behalf of the club, I would like to thank Garald Hook, Wilbert Brewton , Walt Schmierbach and John Bouchillon for the seminar they gave about sharpening carving tools at our last meeting. The skill of being able to keep your tools sharp is the secret of being a good carver. Learning this skill reminds me of the old adage “Give a person a fish, and you feed them for a day, teach them how to fish and you feed them the rest of their lives”. Garald says if there is enough interest, they will do this seminar again this year. If you missed this seminar, or would like to take it again, please let these gentlemen know. If you attended this seminar, give them a pat on the back and a show of appreciation. To: Garald, Wilbert, Walt and John , Well done!
     We need someone to volunteer to be the Chairperson of a committee that will line up projects for us to carve and to learn about on the last meeting of the month. This is an opportunity for the new carvers to learn, as will as seasoned carvers. Contrary to popular belief, you can teach an old dog new tricks. This is also an opportunity to engage in fellowship, make friends and have a good time. I know we have many good teachers, as we all have attended their seminars in the past. Please volunteer for this important job.
     Please join us in our Saturday carving sessions. If you have not attended in the past you are missing out on a lot of fun (and good food). Last Saturday Doug Woollard cooked some of his homemade potato soup. It was outstanding. Several of the ladies made side dishes and desserts. Barb Smith is doing an outstanding job as chairperson of this committee. Thanks, Barb. This year is different than last year as we will be having Saturday carving sessions all year. Look in this newsletter for the dates. John Bouchillon is doing a great job publishing the newsletter. Next time you see John, extend your compliments to him for his work . Hope to see a lot of you at the Saturday carving sessions . Also hope to see you at our next regular meeting. – Don Jackson

Sharpening Night

We had another surprise session at the carving meeting night last month.  There was no scheduled activity, but during the regular business meeting, Garald Hook instigated a session on sharpening.  Wilber Brewton, Walt Schmierbach and myself agreed to assist.  Without a doubt, some of our members are better sharpeners than others, but the Black art of sharpening is something we all need to become familiar with.  

There are an infinite number of methods, tools, and opinions on the best  method of sharpening.  Garald and Wilber covered their favorite.  Walt and I assisted with questions and some actual sharpening.  Garald indicated that if there was enough interest, a second session could be scheduled later in the year.  Thanks to all the instructors..



Affiliations:  St. Charles Area Woodcarvers.

Interests:  Carving in the round - primarily realistic wild life figures.

Background:  Woodcarving for 15 years, oil painting for 20 years, and Chinese Calligraphy for 30 years.

Training:  Self-taught.



Ten St. Charles Area Woodcarvers attended to the 4th Annual
Silver Dollar City Wood  Carving Seminar

This smiling group spent the week of March 13th-17th enhancing their carving skills at Silver Dollar City.  Back row: Doug Woollard, Sheldon White, Ray Clark, Barb Smith, Charlotte Cross, Rainy Woollard, Stan Cross, and Charles Adams.  Kneeling: Don Wilson and Dave Lincoln.  It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.
Pictures and story submitted by Rainy Woollard

Rex Branson had Dave Lincoln working 
hard on a 27" cowboy.

Charlotte Cross, Don Wilson, and Rainy Woollard all
ganged up on instructor Dean Troutman to do this
relief carving of a covered bridge.

Woodburning with Cheryl Dow was Barb
Smith's choice of class.

Sheldon White and Charles Adams carved a Carousel
Horse with the help of their instructor Thomas Fulford.

Gerald Sears instructed Red Cross in the art of
cowboy carving.  Gerald had several new
caricatures and rough outs for the seminar.
There were many other classes conducted at the seminar.  Two others that our members attended, but pictures are not available, included Doug Woollard carving an Osage Indian instructed by Greg Wilkerson and Ray Clark carving a grizzly bear instructed by Debbie Edwards.

All the carving took place in three separate buildings within the park. Despite reports to the contrary, the hills in Silver Dollar City aren't all "up hill."  The weather was typical for Missouri, ranging from the mid 30's to the 80's all in one week.

If carving from 9-5 wasn't enough, there was plenty of interesting night life. A group outing aboard "The Branson Belle Showboat" was lots of fun. We were entertained by a ventriloquist comedian and had Prime rib for dinner.  Next year should be even better.  They will have a new 25,000 sq. ft building that will hold about 40 instructors and all the carvers.

Larry and Jean Keller visited later in the week to check things out. The seminar was a huge success and a good time was had by all.               ---Doug and Rainy

Spring Campout Time

The spring campout is just around the corner at Rainmaker Campground in Litchfield, IL. The dates are June 1 - 4. It's time to get the camping gear out and get it cleaned up and ready to go. This year as usual I am asking for some help for a project for Saturday. I have to work Friday so I won't be able to get to the campout until Saturday morning and by the time I get my camper set up I don't know how much time I would have to get a project started. If anyone has an idea for a project, let me know.

Last fall I got in trouble for not sending in the camper list to Rainmaker Campground early enough, so for this campout I am going to give the camper list to Rex and June at least two weeks in advance. I will need to know if you plan to attend the campout no later than Monday, May 15. If you don't let me know by then, you will have to call Rainmaker Campground on your own. If you want to be in on the project, I will have to know so I have enough blanks.

If anyone hasn't been to the campout and would like more information, you can give me a call and I will fill you in on the fun.  We will also have the pot luck on Saturday night, so ladies start thinking of some goodies to bring.

Hope to see you at the campout.
Bob & Ro Biermann

Show and Tell

There was a wealth of projects for Show and Tell at the Business meeting last month.  Rich Weisman had a great Chickadee.  Sorry I didn't get the details on which seminar you took, Rich.   Jack Comb's Indian is shown unfinished, but it returned the next meeting with a wonderful dark stain finish.  Jack does all his carvings with power only.  Some of you may think that power carving is wimpy.  However, Jack thinks hand tools are a big waste of effort.  Ray Clark had a great wolf head and bear cub done in the Debbie Edwards tradition.  I completed another caricature from the Gerald Sears collection.  Don Jackson had his finished fish whistle from the February Carving meeting.  It really blew!

Be sure to bring in your finished projects to show.  We try to have Show and Tell every First Meeting, but we have to have something to show.  You can even bring in unfinished or problem projects.  Someone can help with an opinion or suggestion.  That's what the club is there to do.  Our members have experience on many areas and are always willing to share.



Member Spotlight

Charlene McMenamy:  Charlene, a long time member of our club, is an avid supporter of the St. Charles County Golden Games and the National Senior Olympics.  Every year, she brings in both hands full of gold medals from the many events in which she participates.  She has participated in the local, state and national Senior Olympics since she learned of the events six years ago.  Furthermore, she has placed in them every year.  The competition is intense at the nationals and last year, she placed third, missing the gold by only four one-hundredths of a second..  She prefers the triathlon to marathon running and credits her health and attitude to the games.

Charles Browning:  Charley has been actively carving professionally for some time.  Although he is a relatively new member to our club, he regularly attends the morning Seasoned Eye Carving group.  He was instrumental in the success of our eagle project last year.  Not only was he able to obtain free wood for the project, he constructed the eight foot blank and roughed it out ready for the other carvers to fine tune.  Charley is currently working with Lindenwood College to get wood carving established as one of the crafts on display at the Daniel Boone Home Historical Site near Defiance, MO.  This is a big effort and he will be needing some help.  Come to the meeting Wednesday, April 5th, to hear what is being planned.  Also, think about what part of the project you might like to participate in as well as what, if any, official club involvement might be appropriate.  

Spring Campout

The same thing applies for our Cuivre River Spring Campout, scheduled for May 19 - 21 as does for the article submitted by Bob & Ro Biermann for the Litchfield Campout.  It is getting close, and so far, there is no project scheduled.  Any one with an idea, get with Barb Smith or one of the Officers, or bring it up at the April meeting.  Open carving is always an option, but group projects are always fun.  We will have the usual Saturday pot luck supper, so start thinking about getting something together for that. We always have a blast and you are missing a treat if you aren't participating. Mark your calendar today. 

Saturday Carving: Saturday carving for April will be on the 8th and 22nd.  Due to the large group of carvers that attended the festivities at Branson, we were a little short last month.  But, what we lacked in quantity, we made up for in quality and enthusiasm.  These sessions are always a fun day, so mark your calendar and plan to attend.   


Upcoming Events and Activities

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Our Spring Campout at Cuivre River State Park is May 19 - 21    --  Rainmaker Campout, Litchfield, IL, is June 1-4

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